Graeme Bowman specialises in comedy, hoax speaking and MC work for corporate clients and associations

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

How many people do you know who are a:

  • Keynote Presenter

  • Master of Ceremonies

  • Hoax Speaker

  • Corporate Comedian

  • Writer

  • Trainer & Consultant . . . ?

Well, you now know at least one . . .

Graeme Bowman.

You now know someone with many years of experience at turning ho-hum into ha-ha at conferences, launches and awards presentations.

You also know someone who can motivate your people to challenge their current thinking style, then give them valuable tips on how to think more creatively, in order to kick-start the process of innovation.

And you now know someone who has written speeches, videos or website copy for many of Australia's leading companies.

Graeme's great advantage over other speakers, comedians and MCs lies in the versatility he brings to each event. For example, at a 2-3 day conference, he may appear at the welcome dinner as a hoax speaker, then next morning deliver his keynote address, 'Thinking Outside The Square', and also MC the entire conference, sprinkling impressions, humorous songs and comic routines throughout. He may even have scripted a video and written the CEO's speech as well.

Because so much can be achieved through just the one person, Graeme is a cost-effective live presentation solution, particularly for lengthy conferences, roadshows and incentive trips. One air fare, one hotel room — get the picture?

·         To stop people falling asleep during conferences and events
·         To inspire people to think more creatively
How does Graeme stop people falling asleep?
As a Corporate Comedian, MC, and Hoax Speaker, Graeme has many years of experience at turning ho-hum into ha-ha at conferences, launches and awards presentations. An audience that is laughing is not sleeping:
·         Laughter gives conference audiences a mental breather, when it is interspersed throughout the business sessions.
·         Humour can help to launch a new product in a way that is quirky and memorable.
·         At an awards evening or gala dinner, nothing brings the audience together like a good laugh.
How does Graeme inspire people to think more creatively?
As a Lateral Thinking Trainer, accredited by the De Bono Institute, Graeme offers an entertaining keynote address that will motivate your people to challenge their current thinking style, then give them valuable tips on how to think more creatively, in order to kick-start the process of innovation. This keynote can also extend into a workshop.
Can Graeme mix and match these types of presentations?
Graeme's great advantage over other speakers, comedians and MCs lies in the versatility he brings to each event. For example, at a 2-3 day conference, he may appear at the welcome dinner as a hoax speaker, then next morning deliver his creativity keynote, and also MC the entire conference, sprinkling impressions, humorous songs and comic routines throughout.
Graeme can also combine his hoax and MC talents, to create a Hoax MC character – very popular at Awards presentations. Or he can combine a hoax speech with a genuine creativity keynote – a truly unique conference presentation.
Hoax Speaker
From a German grocery guru or a British technology consultant to a French wine expert or your new American CEO, Graeme Bowman can become any 'expert' you like, and fool any audience you care to provide. Just watch their faces as the 'expert's' credibility gets stretched to breaking point.
While a hoax speech is often used for pure entertainment, you can also use it to explore topical or controversial issues from different and unusual angles, and really play with the perceptions of your audience.
During an event such as a Gala Dinner or Awards Night, a hoax speech can be combined with a Master of Ceremonies role, to create a Hoax MC.
A hoax can also be combined with a genuine creativity keynote, through Graeme’s unique presentation, ‘Uncork your Creative Genie.’
“It was a great evening and the feed back has been extremely positive ... the talk of the day was the German Professor at the dinner!”
Local Government Association of Tasmania
“Graeme was brilliant. At a function for an important client of the firm, Graeme's speech managed to break the ice and reduce the formality of the occasion.”
Gadens Lawyers
“Absolutely hilarious and hit just the right note after a very heavy day of discussing future technologies.”
Department of Primary Industries
“Your comedic skills had everyone in tears. The references you made to the Honda staff were clever and hilarious.”
“The audience were in rapturous laughter, transfixed on your routine.”
Engineers Australia (Qld)
“Graeme's performance at our recent black tie event during Cox Plate week was simply sensational. His portrayal of a leading American racing identity was riveting and hysterical. The general feeling was that Graeme's speech was one of the funniest things they had ever heard.”
Moonee Valley Racing Club
“Magnificent job … as Dr George Connor from the World Business Council on Sustainable Development, the audience was caught completely by surprise. The speech broke the ice for many attendees who seemed much more relaxed and enthusiastic about meeting people and exchanging views the following day.”
National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality

Master of Ceremonies

Graeme Bowman is highly regarded as an MC for conferences, launches, awards presentations and special events. A big key to Graeme's success is his ability to switch from funny to formal and back again, as the mood and nature of the event requires.
For example, at a Gala Dinner or Awards Night, his first appearance is often in a crumpled shirt and shorts, as David Attenborough's long lost brother, Bruce, who delivers a hilarious routine about the evolution of your organisation. He may then launch into a rock song also tailored to your audience.
But a few minutes later, Graeme is back on stage, dressed in a suit. Most importantly, he treats the formal part of his MC role with restraint. This means that if he is introducing a VIP, he does it respectfully. And if he has a role to play during an awards presentation, he knows that the award winners are the heroes. (The last thing you want at this time is an MC who makes fun of the winners or trivialises the awards.)
By the way, a hoax speech can be combined with a Master of Ceremonies role, to create a Hoax MC.
At a lengthy conference, what people need most, in between business presentations, is a mental or physical breather. Graeme can provide that through short humorous routines and stretch breaks. The whole aim is to keep your audience awake, and focus their attention on the things that really matter.
“Thank you for an amazing performance. You certainly helped to pull a very challenging afternoon into a successful event, ensuring the message was well received. Your evening component was thoroughly enjoyed, with many commenting after the event on how entertaining your various acts were, and the professionalism of the MC'ing.”
ANZ Rural Banking
“It was terribly important that we had an MC that could carry the evening, with such a diverse range of industries represented. You did brilliantly.”
Australian Institute of Project Management (NSW)
“His dual role as MC and entertainer managed to retain the interest of hundreds of staff. He delivered five times in five weeks, without missing a beat.”
“You proved to be a very big hit - from the hoax Frenchman, to the MC work, and to the AC-DC close. You had clearly researched our business well and gave the conference a huge dose of energy at the right moments.”
Frucor Beverages

Corporate Comedy

Graeme Bowman has a wealth of corporate comedy material that can either be delivered in a single feature segment, or interspersed throughout an entire conference or event. This material is often combined with his work as an MC.
Stuck in the Middle – stand-up comedy.
Graeme Bowman is stuck in the middle. And it makes him grumpy. He’s stuck in the middle of the generations, with dependent children and dependent parents. He’s stuck in the middle of neighbours who want to kill each other.
Name any two extremes, and Graeme gets caught in the middle, trapped between them. And all he wants is a normal life. Fat chance.
Oh by the way, did I say this makes him grumpy? Well it does. And when this grumpy bugger has a good old moan, the results are hilarious.
“Your comedy act ‘Stuck in the Middle’ during the conference dinner was well received from your very first word, and helped create a convivial mood that contributed to making the evening an undoubted success.”
National Industry Association for Disability Services
“Judging by the amount of laughing by those around, I am sure the doctors thoroughly enjoyed your entertainment.”
John Flynn Private Hospital
Bruce Attenborough Opener
One of Graeme's most popular comic characters is David Attenborough's long lost brother, Bruce. This 3-5 minute tailored routine, which talks about the evolution of your organisation, industry or product, is often used to open a conference, launch or awards presentation. Graeme usually then becomes the event's MC.
“The doctors loved the David Attenborough script.”
Merck, Sharp & Dohme
“Your David Attenborough opener was instrumental in setting the mood for the evening and was a wonderful icebreaker with our staff.”
“As those in attendance represented the cream of the Meetings Industry, it was not going to be easy to impress them. But impress them you did. Your hilarious opening, which saw naturalist Bruce Attenborough poke fun at our industry, before bursting into a high powered rock song complete with manic dancing, really came out of left field.”
Meetings Industry Association of Australia

Creative Thinking Keynote and Workshop

Graeme Bowman is a certified Lateral Thinking Trainer, accredited by the De Bono Institute, and his highly entertaining keynote address, ‘How to Suck Great Ideas out of Your Head, hones in on the attitudes and skills needed to create innovative ideas – the sort of ideas that save money and make money. This address will motivate your people to challenge their current thinking style, and give them valuable tips on how to think more creatively.
This humorous but informative presentation is designed to keep your audience laughing and learning, even during the ‘graveyard shift’ after lunch.
The keynote can also extend into a workshop, where participants get the chance to put creative thinking tools into practice.
Graeme’s creativity keynote can also be combined with a hoax speech, through his unique presentation, ‘Uncork your Creative Genie.’
“Our audience was very diverse, being a mix of scientists and administrative people, but your highly entertaining and informative address easily held their attention, and gave them insights into how to think more creatively.”
CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences
 “You had the team captivated right from the start, and have found that great balance between entertainment and dealing with the serious issues at hand. I would not hesitate to recommend you to other organisations that are looking for a guest presenter to cut through the 'sameness' of a conference and deliver a strong but entertaining message.”
“The combination of a one-hour keynote followed by a one-hour workshop hit the mark . . . participants had a great opportunity to hear the principles of creative thinking and were then able to put the tools into practice.”
“With little preparation time, Graeme was able to tailor his presentation to our complex industry, and facilitate a worthwhile two hour workshop. The response from my management team was very good. They enjoyed the session and saw value in the creative thinking tools.”

Hoax MC

The Master of Ceremonies and Guest Speaker for your event is an English or American gentleman with a fairly innocent sounding name like George Connor. George is now living in Australia and has two main attributes:
·         He is a very experienced MC
·         It just so happens that he also has a strong background in your industry
As MC, he is very professional, respectful and energetic, with a good sense of humour.
George's professionalism and credibility are also obvious during the first few minutes of his after dinner speech. But gradually that credibility gets stretched to breaking point, as his presentation goes off on all sort of tangents. And some of his ideas and opinions don't seem to stack up.
The result is that, for most of George's speech, the audience is roaring with laughter.
After the hoax speech, George reveals himself to be Graeme Bowman, and any further MC duties are conducted by Graeme.
“Your performance as Master of Ceremonies and your delivery of a hoax speech was superb and really made a difference to the Awards ceremony.”
Seafarers Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Authority
“Thanks for keeping what might otherwise have been a dull gathering rollicking along.”
Tony Abbott, MHR

Uncork your Creative Genie

Presented by Dr Elwood Jefferson, world renowned innovation guru. (Or is he?)
Entertain and challenge even the most hardened audience with this unique keynote and workshop from Graeme Bowman.
Can your people tell if something is true or false? Real or fake? More to the point, when Dr Elwood Jefferson takes the stage, will your audience be able to separate fact from fiction? Because, in this unique presentation, your audience is going to get both: genuine tips on how to think more creatively, plus a hearty dose of codswallop. And plenty of laughs.
‘Dr Elwood Jefferson’ is actually Graeme Bowman, not only one of Australia’s leading hoax speakers, but also a certified instructor in Lateral Thinking, accredited by the De Bono Institute. So Graeme is well qualified to take your audience on a highly stimulating intellectual roller-coaster, while also outlining skills and attitudes that create innovative ideas.
“Your combination of humour and substance delivered the message very well. The feedback I have received has all been very positive.”
“The way you blended a hoax speech with a real presentation on creative thinking was very entertaining, informative and thought provoking. Looking at the audience, there was a mixture of laughter, puzzled expressions and genuine appreciation for what you were doing. A great boost to our conference, with excellent feedback from delegates.”
“Uncork your Creative Genie was not only very entertaining, but also carried with it an informative message . . . an extremely positive response from our delegates.”
Aged Care Association of Victoria
“The session was extremely well researched and put together by Graeme, and his ability to deceive a somewhat cynical audience was testament to his talent.”
Victoria Police

Devil's Advocate Characters

Devil's advocate characters have a role in even the most serious of conferences and product launches, as their role is to raise, in a dramatic or comic way, the key issues on the mind of the audience. These issues can be quite sensitive or controversial. Once highlighted, such issues can be addressed by a presenter.
Highly effective devil's advocate characters include:
  • A cynical audience member who jumps up from his seat and challenges the speaker.
  • A disgruntled customer who highlights a perceived weakness within the client's organisation. This weakness would generally be one that is about to be improved.
  • An arrogant competitor who enters the room by mistake and then boasts about their superiority in a certain area. Again, the area emphasised would be one the client is about to improve.
  • A grumpy shareholder who wants to know how company performance will be improved.
The use of devil's advocated characters results in powerful communication that helps to deliver your message in a way that's fresh and memorable.

Graeme's work often takes him interstate, and he has also appeared at overseas conferences in New Zealand, Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, China and the USA.

"The use of comedy to deliver some very powerful messages was brilliant."

"Thank you very much for your contribution to the recent anniversary dinner for the Victorian Government. This was a very prestigious event, with high profile politicians and industry leaders as far as the eye could see. The Premier made special mention of your contribution."
Australian Business Theatre

"You brought out the best in the senior executives you interviewed on stage. The interview with our new Managing Director was particularly important, and added a great deal of value, as it was the first time many of the audience had seen him."
Lucent Technologies

"Your technical knowledge, competitor knowledge and product knowledge left some of our own sales people amazed."
SmithKline Beecham

"What a man - unassuming, funny, highly perceptive, truly convincing - a great professional. Your MC work and comedy stints helped break up the intensity of the conference. The hoax speech was fantastic and truly had the audience bewildered."

"We have an Awards Night and we were looking for a speaker/entertainer and you fitted the bill perfectly ... had the whole room in laughter."

"Graeme's quick wit made a lasting impression on the Premier and was definitely one of the highlights of his day. The reaction from our guests was fantastic."
Carlton & United Breweries

"Philips Customer Day was a major worldwide event, involving over a quarter of a million personnel. The Melbourne part involved 200 people from all Philips' divisions. A major challenge for us was to create a feeling of unity and common purpose among these people, to inject an appropriate balance of humour, entertainment and motivation into the event, and to tie together all the various segments.

"Much of this task we handed over to Graeme Bowman. The overall effectiveness of Graeme's involvement was excellent. He rapidly broke the ice with a large

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