A comedian of true professional standing, IAN MCKELLAR performs a unique blend of comedy based skills, to create a perfect match of comic verbal patter and physical dexterity.

Dubai, OTH, United Arab Emirates

IAN MCKELLAR Comedy Juggler, Unicyclist After Dinner Shows, Master of Ceremonies, or Sight Act " much more than the talented juggler-unicyclist he certainly is; his wit and mouth proving as quick as his reflexes." - The West Australian, 1990 A comedian of true professional standing, IAN MCKELLAR performs a unique blend of comedy based skills, to create a perfect match of comic verbal patter and physical dexterity. He extends the bounds of what we know as stand-up comedy, leading to critical acclaim throughout Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and North America.

IAN MCKELLAR is a comedian with panache, and a very nice suit! Ian?s flexibility and diversity in performance has led him over the last 16 years to venues ranging from The Last Laugh in Melbourne to numerous corporate stages all over the world. He was the opening act for HALE & PACE on their 1990, 1994 and 1996 Australian tours and has performed to a captive audience of over 800 life-term devotees in Singapore?s Changi Prison.

A more recent success was as the first international headliner at the newly opened Hong Kong Comedy Club, and as compere for the month of opening celebrations at Melbourne?s Crown Casino. IAN combines brilliant skills and clever comedy within many different formats, to create a performance that gives the client exactly what they need. Whether it is a featured 40-minute show for any nationality or age range, a ten-minute ?adrenalizer? act, or a sober-suited Master of Ceremonies, IAN MCKELLAR can make your event a memorable success! IAN McKELLAR can:

Entertainment is the medium. Ian McKellar's timeless combination of comedy and skill never fails to get endorphins flowing, and focus peoples senses to right where you want them!

Fit your theme
Ian has a huge database of jokes, in a wide range of categories, which have been used to great effect for a wide range of industry groups; jokes are adapted and rewritten to specific industry and client briefs.

Keep things on time
Why would you prepare a schedule if you didn't want to stick to it? IAN can perform anything from a 5-second off stage introduction to a forty-minute filler, with all time variables in between, and adapt on the run! Flexibility comes with 20 years of performance experience.

  • IAN McKELLAR'S Corporate CV
  • Government
  • Australian High Commission, Singapore
  • Australian High Commission, Malaysia
  • Changi Prison, Singapore
  • Austrade, Malaysia
  • Melbourne Tourism Authority
  • Melbourne City Council
  • National Heart Foundation
  • Malaysian, Aust., & N.Z. Assn. Ball, K.L.
  • Australia Post NSW Small Business Awards 1997
  • Information Technology
  • Scienceworks Victoria
  • NCR Australia Pty Ltd.          
  • Nortel Aust Pty Ltd Asia-Pacific
  • -Management Conference
  • Intergraph Corporation           
  • Nortel Australia Pty Ltd
  • -National Sales Convention   view testimonial
  • Hucthison Telecoms
  • Finance, Insurance, Health
  • Amp Securities Christmas Bash at The Riddler's Cave
  • -MC / COMPERE (as The Riddler)         l
  • Ord Minnett Securities
  • M.B.F. Australia Ltd
  • New Zealand Insurance
  • Vic. Assn. Credit Co-ops, Annual Dinner
  • General Practitioner and Conference Exhibition (GPCE Pty Ltd)
  • view testimonial
  • Awards
  • Australia Post NSW Small Business Awards -MC
  • Annual Bridal Industry Awards              
  • Shellharbour District Business Awards
  • NECA Annual Awards
  • General
  • Otis Elevator Company Pty Ltd          
  • Wentworth Falls Chamber of Commerce           
  • City of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and Industry       
  • IAN McKELLAR'S General CV
  • Combinations of MC, Opeener,

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