The only show that uses your company as the basis for a live sitcom.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Hilarious improvised comedy show that creates a live sit-com out of your workplace. Using personalities and situations taken from your business and supplied by the audience at your event, our seasoned improving comedians invent a TV style episode live on stage. Incorporating suggestions for the locailty, characters and problems faced in your industry, the perform a show as if they were you at work. Picture the TV show THE OFFICE, then combine it with Cgannel 10's THANK GOD YOU'RE HERE and a sprinkling of FAULTY TOWERS. That's OfficeJerks.

Our team of comedians play the key roles in your business and use everything from your event's theme and live audience suggestions to your company's mission statement to create the plot line and characters of this spontaneous custom made situation comedy. It's interactive and adaptable to most venues.

Office politics goes under the comic microscope and what ends up in the 'IN TRAY' has never be so funny. Using particulars from your industry, the show will revolve around topics, idiosynchasies and drama that is familiar to your audience. It's unscripted, unusual and unbelieveably fun to watch.

The performers are all seasoned improvising actors, Theatresports champions and stand-up comics. The situations they encounter come from audience suggestions so the show is truly tailored to the crowd on the day.

Technical requirements are: We need a clear raised stage large enough for five (5) people to spread out comfotably. For audiences of under 30 people, we prefer not to use microphones unless the venue is excessively large or noisy. If required, we need a radio headset microphone for each member of the cast (with a professional audio equipment operator who knows the equipment) and at least one radio hand held microphone on a mic stand. Comedy need lots of light on the stage, so if the venue does not have enough lighting to give a full bright stage wash, then at least 2 spots are needed, placed one at each side of the stage. We may require the ability to play a CD-R burned CD through the sound system for our music. That's about it.

Picture the laughter when your staff watches your company get faced with glory or disaster ina sitcom about them. Imagine the introduction of an expensive consultant with strange methods. Nobody is safe and the office will never be the same!

"I have never laughed at anything so hard. Congrats on your really funny sketches and for gently taking the piss out of the publishing industry. The looks on the audience’s faces were priceless."

- Janine Toms, Horwitz Publications

"Your team were fantastic. I understood all about the client’s message just from your clever very funny sketches."

- Ineke Hogendijk, Unlimited Corporate Events

"You blew them away! Who knew the IT industry could be so funny. Well worth flying John Knowles and his crew down from Sydney to do the gig."

- Nicholas Dower, Managing Director Niche Media, Melbourne

"You nailed our industry. It was so funny and so accurate we thought you were all in the business.

- Garry Charters, Swimswift

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