James will add a ‘flow’ to your event. Take care of your audience and react to your audience. Allowing your product or event to be UNDERSTOOD and EMBRACED

Summer Hill, Sydney, NSW, Australia

How I Do It 

  • Free pre-event consultation
  • I have fun - so does your audience
  • Enthusiasm and positivity are peppered with spontaneous humor
  • No Hard Sell
  • Age Race and Gender sensitive
  • Flexible team player
  • Deal with problems discretely
Want more? 
  • Suggest sales tactics (e.g. prize give-aways to gather contact details for follow up)
  • Greet audience at door
  • Promote sponsors theatrically
  • Audience participation (win a prize, make a friend)
  • Farewell audience at door
Product Launch
“James is a consummate performer” - Simon,
 'Greys' Advertising Melbourne. ‘Schmackos’ Shopping Mall Game show .
Fashion Parade 
 “James is a very Charismatic compere as well as fantastic music director…has enthusiastic flare and can think up great ideas beyond the normal.” - Sonia Karadimos, Bliss fashion parade / BMW car show (co-promotion)
Staff Christmas Parties
“James both improved the cohesion of the evening and promoted a sense of celebration experienced by the staff and their families. James also demonstrated the flexibility to adapt to the atmosphere and unfolding progress of the evening by slightly adjusting his planning where necessary- all with good humour and calmness” - Tim Booth, Pastoral Care Coordinator, Mission Employment, Qld.
Trade Show
“You were great and very natural. Once again thank you very very much for what you did. You were a real pleasure to work with” - Maria Maruca, ‘Modaitalia’, Italian Trade Association, Alfa Romeo Showroom. QLD
  •  Conference Speaker
As an experienced Employment Consultant and Sales Trainer, I’ll speak about…. “How to Hire, Train and Reward Sales Staff”  - Focusing on your audiences’ issues, by interacting with them, to create a valuable and unforgettable audience experience
  •  Learn Presentation Skills
 What do I teach?
I haven’t met you yet. So I don’t know. Different people – different needs.
We create your speech together and then you practice it, in front of me. Then I suggest ways to improve your presentation. If you are comfortable with my suggestions then we use them and you start the presentation again. We continue this process of LEARNING BY DOING until you are comfortable with your speech. It’s that SIMPLE
Practice makes perfect
Your goal, is not to look and sound ‘GOOD’.
Your goal, is that your MESSAGE is UNDERSTOOD and EMBRACED by your audience – that is all.
An audience will tolerate some NERVES, so embrace your nerves.
Be HONEST and GET YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS and you will be believed
  • Acting Bio.

Age – 30 - 40 * Height – 6’2” * Eyes and Hair – Brown
 – Bachelor of Arts