Not molecular gastronomy, but a wickedly funny Musical, Murder Mystery Dinner. A fully portable show designed to unfold around dinner in any suitable venue ideal for private or corporate groups from 10 - 120 guests.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Set in 1928, Lord Daventry hosts his party bash. Rumour in social circles is that he will announce his engagement to Miss Fanny. Agatha Christie in spirit – all cut glass accents, pearls, flapper dresses and monocles – with lashings of sexual innuendo and double entendres. Party guests are allocated a role for the night and encouraged (but not required) to indulge their inner artiste by dressing and behaving in character. They play the game as detective for the night whilst mingling over dinner. Subplots emerge and the evening begins to gather pace and spices up into a hilarious romp peppered with music, murder, mysteries, disembodied limbs and suitably hysterical screams. As shows go this is interactive entertainment at its best!

Designed to take place around a meal with an emphasis on entertainment with a core cast of 5 to 6 actors. Not dissimilar to a theatre restaurant style event though we don’t run the restaurants we deal with a variety of venue partners or use a venue of your choice. Team building can be incorporated. Guests can participate or watch as they prefer though everyone is given the chance to be involved.

A few reviews
“The true delight of A Dinner To Die For comes in the performance of the show’s creator Simon J. Robinson. Robinson is a wonderful comic actor with a firm grasp on both the era and the acting style required for the murder mystery genre. His drag performance is a hoot. All of the energy generated in the entire evening’s proceedings comes from him”. – AUSTRALIAN STAGE APRIL 2009
'Thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds' of fun! A Dinner to Die For was a really enjoyable night hosted by a wonderful cast of charming characters, aside from a few murderous intentions.” – TRUTH BOOTH, JULY 09
“Dazzling with the decadence of year 1928, the Retreat Hotel's interactive theatre show A Dinner to Die For is pure fun”.- ARTS HUB, APRIL 09
"A bravura performance" - INPRESS MAGAZINE 2010
"A riotous night of hilarious whodunnit" - ARTS HUB 2010
"It’s kooky, it's fun and, let's face it , how often do adults get to play pretend?" - THE AGE, AUG 2010
A few testimonials
“A Dinner to Die For was an absolute ripper – the whole team just loved it and had a ball. Thank you and the cast so much – it was totally perfect and exactly what we needed” – Jane Rowe, Founder / CEO, Mirabel Foundation
“I looked around the room at one stage and everyone was laughing, I didn’t hear anyone talking about work which is what usually happens at work functions, everyone was too involved with their character and the plot. Thanks for your help, it was great to work with you.” Cathy, BUPA Australia Group, Corporate Client
A few guest comments
“I would recommend to others, especially for work/team bonding days…..much better than abseiling!!!!”
“Awesome experience and an extremely talented cast”
“I have not been able to stop talking about it today and will be in the forefront of my mind for many years to come – thank you”

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