Together in the spirit of wandering minstrels, Ball On A String consists of juggling, ballooning, unicycling, magic tricks and other gags, accompanied by violin in delightfully synchronised improvisations

Sydney, NSW, Australia

These two cheeky bards will woo you with their charm and captivate you with their unique spontaneity, as they use their considerable talents to weave a brillant dialogue of comic wit.

Leo Bonne hails from France, where he studied at the Annie Fratellini Circus School in Paris.  He performed with a troupe called Les Cracheurs De Reves, specialising in themed soirees and seen at such prestigious events as the Cannes Film Festival.

Since arriving here in Australia in ’95 Leo has been performing both solo and in group collaborations as juggler, clown, unicyclist, comic waiter, mime, physical comedian, and fire artist.

In Ball On A String, Leo Bonne is joined by the awesome talents of Veren Grigorov. Born in Bulgaria where he was recognised as a child prodigy, Veren has studied at Conservatoriums of music in Vienna, Austria; Sofia, Bulgaria;and Sydney, Australia.

Working in the capacity of musician, composer, performer and actor with the likes of Baz Luhrman, Barri Kosky, Rodney Fisher and INXS, Veren has also studied theatre in Hanover, Germany.

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