Las Vegas style magic, for your entertainment pleasure

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

A Touch of Magic

Las Vegas style magic, for your entertainment pleasure. Much more than just a magician, Barry is in particular demand by companies who want their clients to be entertained by someone who is different and memorable. Barry's Close Up Magic is so good he allows the audience to be as close to him as to their own shadow. As a matter of fact, his hobby is fooling some of the finest magicians n the world with his own magical creations. He is the author of a number of technical magic books published world wide and regularly tours the USA. lecture circuit teaching other magicians his methods. He has performed at the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood, and brings new meaning to the words misdirection and psychology. Barry also has extensive experience in the gaming industry as relating to advantage play or system cheating with cards and dice and can provide specialist demonstrations. (These are for educational or entertainment purposes only.)  For that special occasion, why not have top professional magician Barry Govan entertain with a dazzling display of Las Vegas style sleight of hand that will leave your guests totally amazed and entertained by the personalized nature of the performance. Barry does the kind of magic that not many magicians attempt. It is called "Close Up magic". It brings back the charm of strolling entertainers as in Medieval Times. But there is nothing old fashioned about Barry's modern day skill. It will leave your guests talking. Close up magic is a type of entertainment that happens on a intimate level. Most of the illusion occur in the hands of the participants. It is the very nature of close up magic that makes it so surprising and memorable. Close up magic is flexible. It is ideal for cocktail parties, Banquets, Restaurants, Wedding Receptions and Trade promotions in which a more structured performance would be inappropriate.

CREATIVE CONSULTANT - Barry has designed magic and sleight of hand sequences for TV and Movies and presented a season of CLOSE UP MAGIC at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. He also created special themed close up illusions for Elle McPherson for her Australian Tour with Bendon.

TRADE PROMOTIONS - We have a special entertainment package for companies that exhibit their product at Trade Shows throughout the country. This is the ideal use for CLOSE UP MAGIC. Your Companies product and information can be skillfully blended into a live presentation that communicates every thing to potential clients.

STAND UP COMEDY AND CABARET - If you requite something extra, Barry can add a short Cabaret show on top of the CLOSE UP MAGIC SHOW if required. What others have said: "That's very good!" - Steve Vizard on the Steve Vizard show.  "He stole the Channel 9 Payroll" - Daryl Somers.  "Your Artistry held our Guests Spellbound" - Gloria Krope (500 Club)

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