Meet Clandestiny ! The band of choice for your social club, party, wedding, dinner dance or pub!

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

If it’s been far too long since yourself, friends, relatives or guests have kicked up their heels all night, then a good, versatile, experienced and widely appealing dance band such is CLANDESTINY is just what you need.


CLANDESTINY  is an affordable 3 piece band with a wealth of experience in most popular genres of music.  With Rock and Roll for jumping, beautiful ballads for smooching, blues for cruising, country for stomping, Irish for carousing, traditional bush and set dancing for those who need a prod, and most importantly the experience to ‘read’ an audience for what is most appropriate, CLANDESTINY can get the most recalcitrant bums off their seats.



Peter on guitar, voice, accordion, bass,, penny whistle, dulcimer and dance calling.                                                                                                                                                                        


Richard on Rhythm guitar, Lead guitar, voice, and lots of Rock and Roll.


Ramona on Fiddle, or Violin as the situation calls for, and lovely voice.



Rather than provide a song list – With a repertoire of around 500 songs it would take too much space – We provide here a list of artists we can cover.


Van Morrison   


Hank Williams   

Mark Knopfler   


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