Australia's Best and Original Flash Mob Surprise Dancing Waiters. We Tailor Shows to suit your event or you can book our well loved comical Set Silver Service Flash Mob Show.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia



Australia's Best and Original Flash Mob Surprise Dancing Waiters. Book our 15-20 minute set show or we will tailor a personalized show just for you with Professional Silver Service. With over 13 years of successful experience in the industry.

Different from the rest, with only exceptional, professional performers our  "Silver Service" Surprise Dancing Flash Mob Waiters will entertain you!

Ideal for Corporate Functions, birthdays, Product launches and Weddings.  

As expected within the entertainment industry, for your peace of mind, our professional dance company has dance insurance, public liability and work cover. This is most certainly necessary with interactive shows and with acrobatic performers/breakers, alleviating you from any responsibility of any possible injuries to your guests or our dancers, Feel free to request a copy of our certifications.

Flash mob "Silver Service" SURPRISE DANCING WAITERS

…An evening to savor and remember. Catch your guests off guard with these surprising, awesomely talented, under cover, flash mob dancing waiters.

The evening will start off as usual; your guests completely comfortable that their evening will run in the usual, uniform manner. Entrés will be served, no different to any other fabulous standard corporate event.  Our under-cover waiters will come out, and begin to work as waiters for a good 20 minutes or so, allowing the guests to have familiarized themselves with the staff.  All of a sudden one waiters bumps into another and drops a tray making a loud bang!...…what’s the commotion?  What is happening?  Who are these waiters??

We have an extremely well received, successful approx 15-20 minute "Variety show" mixing fabulous tracks from 70s songs- to 80s break dance tracks- to 90s pop- good old rock- to current hits! Our "Silver Service" Flashmob Surprise Dancing Waiters’ show that is ready to go and jam-packed with fun, uplifting songs. The sound track has been selected through extensive experience from previous corporate and private functions- so we know the formula on how to impress and keep you captivated and thoroughly entertained for the duration of the show. We have incorporated a brilliant blend of humor, skill and ‘Wow’ factor, and we know that the show is fabulous for and corporate event and private function! We also offer a pure "Hip hop and break dance - BREAKING WAITERS SHOW", JUST ASK!

We also specialize in creating tailored flash mobs to suit your event, product launch, company name, or themed event. Select your own song and we will create it for you. We can also write a theme song for you, if your budget allows.

No we are not the cheapest flash mob group out there- but we are a quality, reliable service show. The "Silver Service" Flash mob Surprise Dancing Waiters, only employ professional dancers, no students or inexperienced performers. There are many variables that can affect the success of a flash mob and our job is to ensure that there is as little risk as possible of anything wavering off the intended plan and execution of your flash mob. We are the original flash mob dancing waiters, well known for performing everywhere in town over the last 4 years- and we are certainly the very best!


FLASHMOB OF 5 Minutes or more.

Catch your boss off guard in the most unusual, unexpected way possible!

If you require a personalized show be created to suit your corporate or private event, and you would like to choose your own soundtrack, we can most certainly assist.

For any show of up to 5 minutes, we can mix 1- 4 songs of your choosing, simply ask us about how this works and for a quote. We will tailor it to suit your product launch, your event or to suit your business, product or event. We will provide you with our recommendations an advice on how it will work best for you based on our extensive history and experience. Flash mobs may be cheaper elsewhere, however these types of shows should be professional and run smoothly. There are plenty of variables with flash mobs so it truly does matter about the quality of service you are being provided and the professional entertainers you are working with. We pride ourselves on providing a reliable, professional, predictable and non-stressful personalized service, ensuring your flash mob experience is successful and fulfilling.

Shows that are to be longer than 5 minutes will be quoted accordingly. Please simply let us know your exact requirements and we will quote for you.


With ANY of the above options, why not extend the flash mob to be a much larger group by actually incorporating you and your staff or friends?

You and your staff, can also be in the flash mob. We will work with you to tailor the show to your specific event so that we achieve a seamless transition from Silver Service to Flash Mob.

Select as many staff or family members as you like, and approximately a week before, we will get together and our professional instructors will teach you and your colleagues or friends a simple dance routine that can either be the feature single routine, or it can be the Grande finale of our large floor show. You can jump into the flash mob at the end and finish it with that massive surprise element that all of you are in it also! No one will see it coming.

1 dance instructor to 10 people.

We always suggest 1-2 rehearsals. It is up to you and how comfy you all feel.


Tailored jingle and song to suit your event

We also offer you the option of creating your own tailored soundtrack to accompany your flash mob, to suit your company name, product launch or themed event. We can also create a soundtrack for you, just ask. Simply ask us for a chat and a quote today.

Be sure to ask for the "Silver Service" Flash mob Surprise Dancing waiters to ensure you book us, Australia's Best and original flash mob dancing waiters. You deserve professional performers of an exceptional level for you event. Book the "Silver Service" Flash mob Surprise Dancing waiters. 

Some Past clients:

  • REIV Awards
  • Nimble Storage
  • A2 Milk
  • Ray White Real Estate
  • ANZ/BP Awards
  • Coles 
  • Donald Trump, Melbourne International Conference
  • McDonalds
  • Telstra
  • Deakin 
  • Monash Uni
  • Adairs 
  • L'Oreal 
  • AGL 
  • Microsoft Australia
  • Val Morgan
  • Bonds 
  • Big W 
  • Sketches 
  • New Balance 
  • Lorraine Lea
  • Butterfly Foundation
  • MS Foundation
  • Eye Ball Charity, Support Act for Jessica Mauboy
  • Honda Australia

Please Note: The waiters will come dressed in black pants and a standard white shirt, or black shirt. Aprons are to be be provided by the client (as per the catering company they are utilizing so they look the same, unless requested that we provide our own. 


6-8 dancers recommended Weddings/ Private Parties

8-15 for corporate events

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