JEWISH MARY, a four piece (two female, two male) cover band For Corporate Functions, Weddings and all sorts of sepcial events

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Like Neil Diamond, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler & Streisand and a myriad of other Jewish performers Jewish Mary is part of the chosen race.

Why listen to Gold 104.3 FM , Triple M, Mix 101.9 or non live music?

Unlike the slick, artificial, overproduced sounds and lavish overpriced concerts of Mariah Carey, Kylie Minogue or Jennifer Lopez, Jewish Mary delivers music for the masses, indoors or out, live, loud, real, spontaneous and visual, the way it was meant to be before commercialism, corporations and ego's and prices killed entertainment.


Think that Bette Midler has "attitude"?

Think Suzie Quatro has "balls"?

Jewish Mary has all of this and MORE

Jewish Mary and her band (The Three Skins) bring a dynamic in your face sound to the music of the 60's. Definitely not the Virgin Mary, her irreverent brand of musical expression and unique arrangements of all time classics from such groups as the Stones, Kinks, Animals and Hendrix never fails to excite the most conservative of audiences.

Jewish Mary will have you up quicker than Viagra.

From the moment she walks on stage until she exits, no man , woman or beast is safe!

JM is equally at home in the Jewish sector of Manhattan, the street cafes of Paris or the back alleys of the Baghdad Bazaar.

Her band are equally at home in such locations although they are somewhat scarred from the experience.

Jewish Mary Repertoire includes:

  • These Boots are Made For Walkin
  • Route 66
  • Picture Book                                  
  • Harper Valley PTA
  • Summertime Blues                     
  • House Of The Rising Sun
  • Old Man Down The Road           
  • Mack The Knife
  • Blue Beat                                       
  • Around and Around
  • Reet Petite                                     
  • Fire
  • Trouble                                           
  • Magic Carpet Ride
  • Paint It Black                                  
  • Gloria
  • Bring Out The Boogie                  
  • Get Off My Cloud
  • Hand Jive                                       
  • Revolution
  • Stone Free                                     
  • Well Respected Man
  • Havah Nagilah                              
  • Last Time
  • Walkin' The Dog                           
  • Tobacco Road
  • Baby Please Don't Go                 
  • Lola
  • Thank The Lord For The Night Time              
  • Happy Jack
  • Heart Of Stone                              
  • You Really Got Me 
  • Paperback Writer                          
  • All Day & All Of The Night 
  • CC Rider                                        
  • Flowers In The Rain
  • Secret Agent Man                         
  • King Bee
  • My Generation                               
  • Lady Madonna

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