Looking For Something Different?
Award winning Australian event entertainers combine sophisticated circus stunts, live music and captivating fire performance. Australia’s most unique corporate, cabaret & wedding duo!

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Looking For Something Different?

Award winning Australian event entertainers, Strings on Fire, combine sophisticated circus stunts, live music and captivating fire performance. Australia’s most unique corporate, cabaret & wedding duo.

Using elements of Tango, violin, fire, circus stunts and physical theatre, their shows create a unique and breathtaking combination of stunts and live music.

With over a thousand performances and three world tours behind them, their passion for creating a new form of corporate and festival entertainment stands out.

“There is nothing else like this around anywhere in the world.” Dave Chameleon, MC at The Snakepit, Glastonbury Festival 


Make your event unforgettable with this sophisticated cabaret duo's unique blend of circus stunts, virtuosic violin and (optional) fire show.

Liqueur Flambé, by Strings on Fire, is a sophisticated dynamic opening act or main feature show. Perfect for corporate events, wedding receptions, cabaret style events & private parties.

Be enthralled by this unique mixture of music, breathtaking stunts, comedy and physical theatre that leads the audience on an exciting romantic journey.

Can be combined in a package with entertainment options for your whole event.


includes a Feature Show PLUS one of the following options:

a) PRE-SHOW ENTERTAINMENT: A perfect way to meet and greet your guests.

Options include: Classical Music, Circus Presentation, Fire Performance


b) CLUB SET: A club style appearance later in the evening when the night is in full swing.



“Their show incorporating classical music, pyrotechnics and acrobalance had the desired effect- over 600 IT professionals who had “seen it all before” were stunned. They set the standard for the entertainers who followed them that night.”   Caryn Morgan, CMA Events

" ...a very hot little show, passion, fire and violins...I love it!"   Marc Kuzma, Slide Nightclub

"Into the Blue has regularly incorporated Nellie as a solo artist into a range of corporate events. His latest production with partner Mare, Liqueur Flambé Show, is a revelation. It delivers a glorious moment of the heart and like all great acts, suspends time in a simple and enchanting narrative. I am now thinking of ways to use them more and more." Raymond Hawkins, Into the Blue Creative Walks

"Liqueur Flambé were great, different and suited our “Haunted House” theme well.  We have had a lot of good feedback from the audience and will definitely use them again.”  Leanne Alcock, Oxford Printing

"You both gave the event exactly the right sort of exciting and unusual buzz we were looking for.   The reaction from all those present was highly complimentary”  Leslie Hunter-Webb, CEO, Blue Mountains Artists Company

 “The show was outstanding and brilliant.  I liked the fact that it was classy, intimate and brilliant all in one.  It impressed me more than anything I’ve seen for a long time, and I’m not easily impressed.  Absolutely breathtaking in a classy, intimate way.”   Shaun Cranfield, Flight Sergeant, Defence Establishment, RAAF

 “I was looking for something to really WOW my guests as they all see so many entertainers and I wanted to provide something new and exciting.  I was very happy with the performance and it definitely had the desired effect. Very professional especially considering the howling winds and the acrobatics they performed without missing a beat.  My guests were definitely surprised by the performance and it provided the desired WOW factor I was looking for.  I would highly recommend Liqueur Flambé to any event organiser looking for something different. I would definitely use them again.”  Zoe Blanusa,   Manager, Events & Member Services, RSL & Services Clubs Association

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