Mi Tierra is a Latin American dance band, which plays modern rhythms such as salsa, merengue, mambo, bomba, cha cha and the latest Timba Cubana

Canberra, NSW, Australia

A sizzling brew of sounds with elements from traditional Cuban music, jazz, hip hop, RnB and other great sounds from around the world!

This style of music is becoming increasingly popular in Australia with many people learning the dance styles and larger and larger crowds attending gigs by Mi Tierra and other salsa bands.

Mi Tierra’s sound is characterised by tight arrangements played by excellent musicians. A true show band Mi Tierra is known for its unforgettable intense performances with energetic sharp choreography, breathtaking vocals, a tight horn section and an amazing percussion section.

The 14 performers outstanding musicianship and high energy presentations have critics labelling them as "One of Australia’s finest bands", and "more of what this country needs."

Having recently celebrated its 8th Anniversary - A landmark figure for any band, Mi Tierra has solidified its place in the Australian and Latin music scene.

The band is formed from a fusion of diverse musical and cultural backgrounds with 6 of the members born in Peru with the infectious rhythms in their blood, 2 Chilean musicians who have also been infected by these rhythms. And the Australian-born remainder, who have taken the music to their hearts on top of their sound backgrounds in Jazz as well as Funk, RnB, Pop and even Opera.

The majority of the Members are also standout solo performers in there own right. Many whom have, recorded, worked on – and - in Musical Theatre, Television, short films, movies, and supported many famous artists (individual Bio’s available in documents folder).

It is a young band, with more than half of its members under 25 years old, that is constantly making waves in the Latino music scene around Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

With a reputation proceeding them they have been invited to performed on various distinguished stages and at numerous prestigious festivals, events, and clubs around Australia such as:

  • The Basement
  • Sydney Bacardi Festival de Cuba
  • The Darling Harbour Festival
  • The Johnny Walker Water Shed – Perth’s Popular Music Festival
  • Perth International Arts Festival
  • The National ACT Multicultural Festival
  • The National Gallery of Australia’s birthday celebration
  • Club Salsa
  • Various International 5 Star hotel Chains such as Rydges and the Hyatt.
  • BJs in Bondi Junction
  • Fairfield Showground
  • The Darling Harbour Aquashell
  • The Homebush Olympic Stadium

Mi Tierra has also performed in Melbourne, Brisbane and most major cities around Australia. And can be seen on Film performing in the Award winning motion Picture LANTANA winner of 7 AFI awards.

The 14 piece band is:
  • Renier Rojas- Band manager, Vocals, Guitar
  • Zamar Rojas- Vocals, Congas
  • Ebert Contreras- Vocals
  • Angelo Ballon- Vocals, Guiro
  • Phil Simmons- Vocals, Flute
  • Giorgio Rojas- Percussion (Timbales, Kit)
  • Sinhoe Ross- Percussion (Congas)
  • Francisco Meza- Percussion (Bongos, Campana)
  • Valeri Rojas- Bass Guitar
  • Alex Ash- Keyboards
  • Marc Hannaford- Piano
  • Ben Stanton- Trombone player
  • Tim Bowyer- Trumpet
  • John Felstead- Saxophone

Mi Tierra enjoy playing for aficionados of the music and newcomers to Latino music alike - "We find that they are always moved (literally!) by the infectious music and our high-energy presentation. We guarantee to get everyone’s hips swinging!"

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