Three-person hand to hand acrobatic balances, dance and improvised movement presented by Perfect Wonder.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

These physical performers tell the story of three strange businessmen caught in the rat race that is their world and the adventures that befall them.


The predominant movement form used for this piece of work will be three person acrobatics. Essentially this is one person holding two other people off the ground in any number of combinations. This will be the spectacular form used but it will also be accompanied by tight dance and movement choreography between the holds. The vision is that the holds will create an incredible spectacle that will be an end point for narrative, which can be told through the transitions between moves thus creating an overall mood.


Unlike your average businessperson in the city, these characters are possessed with a sense of wonder. This emotional link will easily be picked up by the performers and carried into the act. The audience will leave with a feeling of joy at these seemingly inept characters as they bumble their was around and interact with the crowd. We are hoping to leave people with a feeling of contemplation over where their place is in the realm of the 9-5 rat race


The three characters will appear and rove through the crowd, interacting as they perform their act. They will tell stories about their life in the city, working in an office, coping with stress and other similar themes, all of which will culminate in some type of three-person balance. The pace of the act will inevitably vary if only because of the changes in the narrative but he overall rhythm will be slow and somewhat languid.


Alexander Stevenson has been an acrobat for four years and has worked in both Australia and overseas. He has an uncompromising attitude towards the achievement of excellence in his craft.

Sarah Ryan has more than ten years experience in gymnastics and three years in the circus realm. Sarah will stun you with her courage and her willingness to take risks with her work.

Shannon McGurgan has worked in the circus field for the last seven years. He has worked on three different continents with many different forms of the circus arts.

The Perfect Wonders are a group of young acrobats who came together at the National Institute of Circus Arts in its inaugural year. Inspired by the three statues on the corner of Burke and Swanston st in Melbourne, they create a short story of businessmen living in the city, exploring their relationship to it.

When they were approached by the Melbourne festival to perform in 2000 they used their love of dance, human balance and theater to make the perfect wonders the most popular show in the outdoor program.

Since then the wonders have performed

-         A season at the Melbourne festival

-         The Heineken golf classic

-         The opening of the Prahran performing arts centre

-         The Malacoota festival

-         The National institute of Circus Arts end of year show

-         Team Australia dinner

-          The Adelaide fringe festival

Now introducing the Wonders

Shannon Mc Gurgan

Shannon is the strong man of our troop. He has come from an extensive gymnastic background starting when he was only 6yr

old and continuing late into his teens. Shannon’s love of dance and performing eventually lead him a way from gymnastics and into circus. Since then he has      performed and taught

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