Melbourne born and bred Sam Angelico has been delighting audiences throughout Australia, Europe, Japan and the United States, since he was old enough to wield a magic cane.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

In 1985 Sam was awarded "The World Champion of Comedy Magic" by the International Federation of magic societies at the World Congress of Magic in Madrid Spain.

Sam Angelico is everything today's magician should be. He has created a unique character who is brought to life on stage with intense and magical drama. He reaches out and touches the audience, he makes contact with the audience, he talks with them, he communicates with them, yet he doesn't speak a single sentence or use music. Yes, Angelico is the actor playing part of a magician, but he's more, as today's magical artist must be.... "Bravo Angelico" Adam J. Fleisher

He is a regular performer at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, the International Mecca for magicians and in July 1987 his unique talent was featured in the world premiere of "New Vaudeville Magic" at the Empire theatre in New York City.

He has appeared on television and in Cabaret throughout Australia, the U.K., Japan, Netherlands, West Germany and the United States.

Sam Angelico is currently engaged to perform at Teatro Zinzanni in San Francisco. Untraditional, but compelling in his creation of fantasy. Sam Angelico is the most entertaining magician you will ever see.


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