Absolute WOW factor
Meet SUPERCHIP, Our entertainment machine, designed to put the wow factor into your event.

Sydney, Sydney, ACT, Australia

If you want a larger-than-life with a futuristic take on comedy, music, dance and audience interaction, this character is for you.Your audience will be entertainer and fascinated- Is that really a robot?  Superchip has built in speakers, voice and music. Great for Floor shows, Roving, Trade shows, Corporate or Private parties or Customer Presentations.



Superchip 57


  • X2 cooling fans + on/off switch
  • Oakley Fog proof visor
  • Yellow fluro visor light + on/off switch
  • Blue Led spot lights + on/off switch
  • Senhizer Microphone
  • X2 power lock-in inlets
Chest plate
  • fog machine + on/off switch
  • fog outlets X2
  • X2 Speakers
  • X2 tweeter speakers
  • Chrome knob flashing lights (light pattern changer)
  • Cable lock inlets
Back plate
  • X2 Amplifier volume controls - a) arms b) chest
  • X2 Amplifiers
  • X2 Neon Blue sound activated lights
  • 12v Battery pack
  • RFX 300 Voice processor
  • Senhizer Transmitter / receiver
  • Fuse Box
  • Military aircraft connectors for L/R arms
  • Mixer module
Bum plate
  • Power distribution box


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