Trivia hosting for team building, for fundraising and for general amusement: prepared and hosted professionally.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

FOR EVERY EVENT... we will work with you on a format which includes a large mix of topics, A/V content, images, music and a prize structure and games for teams and for individuals.

FOR WORKPLACE TEAM BUILDING ... We will work with you to make sure that our questions suit your crew, that teams are well balanced and no one is embarrassed, that comedy is always lurking at or near the surface, that energy is always in the presentation and that the presenter has the professionalism your business deserves.

FOR EVENTS FOR YOUR CLIENTS...we will work even harder to project the professionalism you need. We will provide an experienced host and not a kid. We will work with you on the themes which need to be enforced. We will provide a show which you would be happy to put your name on.

FOR CHARITY EVENTS... We can advise you on the best way to utilise donated prizes. We can where needed conduct an auction. We can work with you to build a format which lends itself to people opening their wallets.

 WE HAVE been in pub, corporate and charity trivia for 12 years. We have presented on a repeat basis for tradinG investment banks, tax, legal and accounting firms, for printers, publishers, caterers, clubs, designers, architects, you name it. WE HAVE raised money for pre-schools, parish schools, sporting teams, international aid organisations, youth charities...and we can help you.

"Andrew's great sense of humour coupled with his ability to manage a somewhat well lubricated crowd means that everyone ends up having a laugh at the end of the night."
Samantha Herron,  Communications Manager, Microsoft Australia
"I am part of one of the several large groups that attend this trivia night every week and it is awesome. It is very professionally run and always lots of fun. You can look around the room and see that everyone is having a great night."
Claire,  Executive Assistant, Darling Pt
"It took minimal contact for Andrew to grasp our requirements and his many ideas were valuable in the planning of the event. It was easy to trust him when he said �leave it to me� and on the night we were not disappointed. His quick wit, professionalism and ability to run to time meant an enjoyable evening for our guests and a successful fundraising outcome for Inala."
Lynn Varvel, Fundraising Manager, Inala



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