Teambeat specialise in dynamic corporate interactive drumming events which are designed to create a sense of unity and team spirit through the power of music.

NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, NT, WA, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Teambeat specialise in dynamic corporate interactive drumming events which are designed to create a sense of unity and team spirit through the power of music.

Greeted with vibrant African drumming, attendees will immediately embark on a musical journey with Teambeat’s team. With a drum for everyone, in only a few minutes, their mood will be lifted and with an electric atmosphere in the air they will begin to drum along as the energy of the drumming creates excitement, laughter and smiles all round.

Teambeat’s Facilitator guides the group to play a variety of different African beats, layering sounds, and rhythms, bringing everyone together in harmony. Interspersed, attendees will use their own body as a percussive instrument. There will be light hearted, amusing actions along the way to ensure everyone is having fun!

Take pleasure in watching your team transform from individuals who see each other as work colleagues to a unified percussion orchestra, laughing, enjoying themselves and opening up to each other as human beings. Everybody’s contribution is valued and respected in this non-competitive activity.

The overall experience showcases the importance of teamwork, cooperation, trusting and listening to each other to reach a united common goal. Best of all – no prior experience is necessary!

Teambeat’s Facilitators are Master Drummers from Africa, with only a handful of musicians of this high calibre in Australia, their energy and talents are unrivalled.

Your performance includes our talented team, a drum for everyone, transportation, set up and layout of drums and a selection of hand percussion instruments.

We perform at events nationally and can cater for groups of virtually any size!

Teambeat also provides sensational authentic African music and high energy entertainment for all types of events. The perfect choice for conferences, seminars, product launches, road shows, awards nights, ice-breakers, Christmas parties and special events.

This is what one of our recent clients, BP Australia had to say…
"When we were looking for something different as a teambuilding exercise, at our recent conference, I came across Teambeat on the internet. I was looking for something that was unusual, that would take people out of their comfort zone, where people from totally different levels were equal in standing, and most importantly would be great fun. My expectations were exceeded by the troop from Teambeat. It took very little time to get everyone in the groove and working together as a team and people who thought they had no musical bones in their body were getting right into it. The Teambeat team quickly built up great energy in the room and their drumming was extraordinary. The session finished with a teambuilding exercise that was fantastic fun and had people stepping out of their comfort zone with little hesitation. If you’re looking for something unusual that people will remember forever that helps build teams, then Teambeat is for you!"

Let Teambeat create an electric atmosphere at your next event!

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