Audience Participation Show

Pakenham, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Interactive singing competition where participants are asked to prove their talent with song lyrics:

Adapted from the American show "Do You Know The Lyrics" this is the first time this type of show has been presented outside of television,the show has been modifyed and simplified to make for a smoother and faster presentation making it much more interesting for participants and audiences alike. The professional music tracks are as close to the original songs as possible giving the singers a fantastic sound to back their vocals, and the scrolling lyrics are easy to follow due to the clarity of the production, al in all a wonderful addition to your event, this show absolutely wowed the folks at the Novotel Hotel in Manly to the extent that more bookings are forthcoming, high praise for an excellent production.

The songlists include songs from the 1950's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, thru to the 2000s.

Participants are asked to choose a song, sing the song, and sing the missing lyrics.

The LYRICS MASTER had its debut at the Novotel Manly Pacific  in Sydney to a corporate audience,

This was the first time this particular type of show had been performed outside of Television,

John Robson teamed up with well known talented Comedian Paul Martell

and the format proved itself a winner, to the extent that the client has rebooked for next year,

The format and the technical aspects of the Lyrics Master were developed over a lengthy period

by John Robson an entertainer himself who has performed with many Australian and overseas artists,

The Lyrics Master runs for an hour or more depending upon the amount of participants, it is fast moving and involves

the whole audience everyone becomes enthusiastic when they watch their friends perform,

The Lyrics Master will be a shot in the arm for your next function, give your night a boost and your guests a great night of involved entertainment

The Lyrics Master is now a main attraction at the Twin Towns Club on the Gold Coast and will soon be a national competion. so look out for THE LYRICS MASTER

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