RED HOT RHYTHM - Queensland's newest dance sensation! A fascinating and energetic fusion of tap dance, Irish dance and African drumming to appeal to audiences young and old, RED HOT RHYTHM is sure to impress.

Gold Coast, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

'I cannot believe the impact 'Red Hot Rhythm' had on our guests...they were totally mesmerized for the entire show.......people are still talking about it now!' 
-  Cavalier Homes

RED HOT RHYTHM (RHR) is a brand new Queensland based tap dance performance group. Through the fusion of the modern, high calibre tap dance style on which the group is based, together with rhythmic influences such as Irish hard-shoe dancing and African drumming, RHR provides a truly unique performance experience, for all to enjoy.


It was early 2007 when conceiver and artistic director Bill Simpson established RHR, hoping to provide the Gold Coast with it's own high standard tap dance performance group. The aim of RHR has always been to provide high quality entertainment to appeal to a large audience, while encouraging dance performers to aid in arts development in this rapidly growing area.


Our 15 - 20 minute show features 5 tap dancers, an Irish dancer, and if desired, a Djembe drummer. The show consists of an energetic display of complex group, solo and duo tap dance sequences to leave the audience in awe. It also features a 'tap battle', in which the Irish dancer and lead tap dancer try to outdo each other with the skill and speed of their feet.

RHR are always aiming to exceed the expectations of the client by providing the best show possible. Whether you require a modern, up-tempo rhythmic spectacular, or prefer a slightly cleaner cut 'suit & tie' style show, or even if you have your own theme in mind, RHR are always willing to discuss how we can deliver the best performance for your event.

Whether age 8 or 108, the exciting, immensely enjoyable performance style of RHR is one that everyone can experience, while being astounded and energized at the same time. Featuring a troupe of Queensland’s best performers, RHR aims to continually push the boundaries of tap dance in Australia and to always provide a unique, greatly enjoyable experience for audience and performers alike.

Thank you for considering Red Hot Rhythm for your event. If you require any further information, or would like to discuss how RHR can tailor a show to suit your event, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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