All DJs are pub/club exp. All sound & lighting equip is pub/club type gear. ELEVEN lights incl. You choose all the music from 80 page request book.

Brighton, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

"Simply the best". Absolute Class Productions Mobile DJs Melbourne (est 1988) is Melbourne`s premier mobile disco hire company for birthdays, engagements, weddings, sporting clubs etc. We also do lots of corporate functions and other events. ALL our DJs have at least 3 yrs pub/club exp. We will not use the typical "hobby DJs" most other companies send out. We also provide our Music Request Book with over 80 A4 size pages of music charts & lists for YOU to choose your music from - this is a MUCH BIGGER music info package than any other company provides. Plus we give you MORE genuine pub/club disco lights than ANY other company (ELEVEN lights & fog machine are all incl) plus $10,000 worth of sound equipment.

Remember, we are the ONLY Melbourne disco company offering ALL pub/club experienced DJs with proper pub/club "pro-audio" sound equipment - we refuse to use the cheap harsh, flat-sounding plastic speakers most Melbourne disco companies choose to use - many of these systems can only handle 70 or 80 guests. Our standard sound sytems easilly handle up to 200 guests, plus we also have a couple of systems that can handle up to 500 guests and one system that will handle over 1,000 guests.

Also ELEVEN genuine nightclub lighting effects and a fog/smoke machine are all included with every system. Just like Myer keeps an eye on David Jones (and vice versa) and Ford keeps an eye on Holden (and vice versa) we constantly check what other companies do - what sound equipment they supply, how many lights, how big their request lists are etc. Based on our research we know that 90% of disco companies only provide 2 lights - there are even a couple of them providing just one light! Minimal lighting equals minimal atmosphere.

Our 80 plus page Music Request Booklet is sent to all customers so they can choose all the songs THEY WANT the DJ to play at their function. In addition to our 80 page Music Request Book mentioned above, for those wanting lots of older music we also have a 10 page list of 50's hits, a 20 page list of 60's hits, a further 20 page list of 70's hits, plus a 20 page list of 80's hits.

To summarise, we provide the absolute best Melbourne DJs available, working on the highest quality nightclub sound systems, with Melbourne's best lighting show by far (ELEVEN lighting effects), and offering Melbourne's largest, most detailed and most comprehensive Music Request Books which enable YOU to tailor-make the music played to YOUR OWN taste and that of your guests.

Finally, ask yourself "How good do I want this function to be?"


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