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O'Halloran Hill, Adelaide, SA, Australia
A HUGE range of music to choose from. If you are having some type of theme party then we can provide you with very detailed lists of ANY particular era - from 50’s Rock & Roll, thru the Beatles era to 70’s Glam Rock or Disco, then thru all the musical styles of the 80’s - Euro Disco of the early 80’s, New Romantic, Punk, Detroit/Chicago House of the mid 80’s onwards etc plus all the 80’s Pop & “Classic Rock”. Different styles of the 90’s - Old School R&B, Pop, Rock, Commercial Dance, all the big 90’s Club tracks & so much more from all those eras. Whatever the music style or type or whatever era it is from, if you want it - WE’VE GOT IT. After all, the music is UNDOUBTEDLY the key to the success of ANY function, whether its for younger guests, or even Primary School functions thru to 50th or 60th birthdays, & EVERY other function in between. So the bigger & more detailed a company’s music list is, then obviously the more choices you have & the more control you have over what music gets played at your function.

Why don’t you send your music out with the information package?

Answer: Those companies who put music lists up on their web- sites are happy to do so because their music lists are really nothing special - SO THEY HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE by making them freely available to absolutely everyone & anyone. But NOT ONE other disco company in Adelaide has a music list ANYWHERE NEAR as large, detailed and comprehensive as ours - and we plan to keep it that way.

How can your music lists be so much bigger than any other disco company’s lists?

Answer: The key determining factor in how big (and how comprehensive) ANY company’s music list can be is this - EVERY SINGLE SONG a company puts onto their list, then obviously ALL their DJs have to be able to supply that song for you. It would be just plain silly of them to put out lists containing lots of songs that their DJs don’t have, because then they would get lots of complaints from their customers that the DJ didn’t have the songs they picked. This is why a lot of companies request lists are fairly small - they don’t want their DJs “caught out“. However, as the owner of this company, and as a pub/club DJ for almost 20 years, I can tell you that my personal music collection contains over 90,000 tracks of all different music types & styles, and from all eras - 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, & from Y2K to now- in fact even new songs that haven’t charted yet, both new radio songs & new club tracks. So that is why we are able to provide so much more music info than any other company

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