My name is Boris Abesit, I am Dj/Producer Underground (Non-commercial) House and Funky-Tribal Tech House music.

I am resident of I regularly run my 2h show every Saturday from 12-2pm Western Australian time.

Fremanlte, Perth, WA, Australia
My inspiration and the man who set the standard in DJ-ing business is Carl Cox. I spin on 3 decks or 3 cd dj in same time as well and I would like one day to play music in club with him. My technique of mixing mastered to perfection and I am ready for the big steps.
My wish is to become one of the best DJ's in the world and I will do everything to see my name in top 100. From Yugoslavia to Spain, Greece to Australia, I am manege to established myself as a truly international DJ, spinning the decks at a number of top clubs and festivals.
Being booked for a full Ultra Session Beat Festival, where should performed with names such as: Tom Novy, Kosheen, Yves Larock, Kevin Saunderson. My move to Perth was a fortuitous one; being crowned the winner of 2010’s Real life ‘Inthemix’ DJ competition and it’s not hard to see why. My mixes break down genre and technological boundaries by often running 3 decks at once and it’s not uncommon for sets to last for 3 hours or more.
Like many other youngsters starting out in the music business, night life and clubs became his biggest love. 
Boris Abesit since 1998 is The prominent member of the international art TECHNOKRATIA organization with headquarters in Belgrade.

Numerous, very successfully both in country and abroad, he came to the position of a leading DJs Technokratia-e and one of the most famous figures of the clubscene of Serbia and Montenegro. 

He has performed with many world famous names, as well as a large number of prominent local artist, presenting his work regularly on Radio Television of Serbia RTV BK, RTV Pink, RTV Studio B, RTV B92, TV Metropolis ... as well as a series of domestic and foreign radio stations, in magazines and specialized magazines, on the Internet, exhibitions and festivals.

Boris is a resident STAR HOUSE, Cameleon, Disco Babes and other Tech-House and House series, radio program called "Fractal" (RTV Politics), as well as clubs Underground, Sova, 4 Rooms, the Senate, Quorum 33, Plastic, Industira, Paradiso , Aquarius, Barutana, Kolos ... and has performed in cultural centers and concert halls in almost all major places in the country ...

In Serbia and Montenegro, on the music scene Boris Abesit has the status of revered music performer, and occasionally appears and performs on foreign radio and television stations: VIVA, Star TV, Israeli National TV ... Articles about his work published in magazines, Extreme, Time, Beat2Beat, Urban Bug and Beoizlog, and articles about him were posted, and some world music magazines: Trend magazine (Switzerland), Partysan (Austria), DJ Store magazine (Greece), X-press (Australia) ...

The BackYard Project is online radio show where Boris Abesit every Saturday from 12-2pm have live radio show Western Australian time.
The biggest change in Boris's DJ career happened when he realised he could do whole sets of 8 hours in length, and that his audience would in general stay to listen to the whole set.

This was when Boris started to use three turntables or CD - DJs in his set as he was able to constantly mix.

Electronic music opens up new ideas so Boris always tries to express his thoughts in sets.

As a DJ, Boris has worked in various clubs and appeared at some of the Electronic Festivals. As a result, he can say that he's not sure yet what he prefers.

Clubs are in his heart because of people and the way they communicate during his sets.

While the other, festivals, he likes, because the electronic sound and the wide diversity of topics that he can use at the time of his sets.

He thinks he will be in doubt to the end of his life where he feels nicer - in clubs or festivals.

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