Drag queen / singer / entertainer

Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia


Glorious Mountains has been entertaining crowds,both in the gay and straight scene for five years,known for her curvaceous figure and sharp tongue,Glorious can keep the crowd captivated throughout her performances,singing  songs that range from love songs,60's Rock N Roll,to more upbeat modern,in her own voice, performing in the larger than life costumes,with fantastic interaction with the audience,getting them involved in the show. Glorious has hosted many competitions as well as performing in them.

To Glorious credit,she has been the host for Drag Idol 2005 as well the host for Drag Idol 2007,she compared the show as well as performed a few high powered tunes throughout the competition.

One of the more memorable shows for 2007,was at Pacific Palm on the Great lakes,during the Floods in June,Glorious made her way through the Cyclonic conditions to perform for the Coastal Castaways group ,even though there were high winds and torrential rains,the show went on ,to an appreciative crowd.(comment from group/ Hi Glorious, thank you for braving the wild weather to drive down to pacific palms for our little party...your show was excellent..mark )

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