World Champion in folk, show and tap dance, mesmerizing variation of rhythm, humor and play.

During touring in Australia will be based in Dandenong, Vic between 28th of February and 4th of April 2012, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

4 for Dance  Now in Australia in the Month of March

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4 for Dance Company was founded in Hungary 2004 by professional dancers. Our aim is to create a unique style, combining traditional Hungarian folk dance with virtuoso plays of rhythm and a lot of humour. We bring traditional Hungarian dance culture closer to the people. We think that it is very important to appear as a new colour in today's quite conventional showbusiness and to entertain the audience with high quality performances. 

  Our company become world champion in 3 categories - show, folk and tap -  in 2009 Montread Dance World Cup which was sponsored by UNESCO. There were many famous people among the judges such as a leader of the Cirque de Soleil, Liza Minnelli, Beyoncé' s choreographer, Britney Spears' s chief dancer and the Broadway's best-known dance artist in New York.

  We have even won the prize for winning the most prizes in the Dance World Cup among the 2500 competitors from all around the world.

  We have performed in London in one of the biggest entertainment shows of BBC Channel, Tonight's the Night, where Jonh Barrowman - Hollywood actor - presented us as " Everyone around the world should see this fascinating company! ". This show was watched by 12 million people.

 In this show on BBC Channel we performed together with Michael Flately's London company.

 4 for Dance was invited for one of the biggest festivals of the world, the Edinburgh Fringe, where Robbie Williams, Jude Law and Hugh Laurie were discovered.

  We are proud to tell that the whole festival was advertised with the 4 for Dance on the billboards. We had 3 full house shows in the largest hall of Edinburgh.

We have represented Europe on the European Cultural Festival in Algir twice. 11 million people have seen us on the National TV in Algir and 9 million heared us on the State Radio.

4 for Dance performed 21 times in Abu Dhabi in one of the largest shopping centres in the world, the Marina Mall. Before us there were such famous artists as the winner of Britain's Got Talent or the Fire of Anatolia.

 In Dubai we had an exclusive show in the highly famous Atlantis Hotel on the Palm Island.

 In 2008 4 for Dance set a World Record in Budapest: The dance company who makes the most people dance. There were 300.000 people taking part in that World Record.

Besides these 4 for Dance performed in Bruxselles in the European Parliament where José Manuel Barroso the president of the EU was a guest as well. We have also performed in New York, Beijing, Los Angeles, Monaco, Cannes Film Festival and Paris and many other European countries and cities.


 4 for Dance has performed 14 times in Beijing in one of the largest parks in the city, the Chaoyang Park. In this week 470.000 people have seen us.

Shows Duration:



    1 hour

    2 x 40min


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