Knee High Puppeteers is a company of multi skilled people specialising in visually spectacular outdoor puppetry for major events.

Adelaide, SA, Australia
We have a common background in circus and theatre, particularly in design and performance. Diversity is a unique feature of the company with practical experience in mechanics, electronics, sculpture, theatre design and construction, pyrotechnics, circus skills and puppetry.

The Knee Highs also take project commissions for special events and festivals. We can design new puppets and performances, or reconstruct our existing puppets for specific events, parades and outdoor celebrations.
The company was formed in 1995 to explore new areas of outdoor performance puppetry. Four giant metallic stilt puppets were designed and built and sent out to the 1995 WOMAD World Music Festival in Adelaide/AUSTRALIA. Following this success, another member was added to the family. This group of huge female aliens was christened The Android Sisters.

Where we're going
KneeHigh Puppeteers have now expanded their activities to include environmental theatre work, co-productions, workshops and commissions. This is in addition to further work with The Android Sisters and include the continued creation of new puppets.
The company is also developing expertise in pyrotechnics, using fire puppets and sculptures for night events. These fire creations are especially popular for outdoor opening and closing ceremonies. The Knee High Puppeteers are continuing to secure bookings throughout Australia and internationally.

  How we work
The company has six permanent members, and employs an administrator and is the hub of a larger ensemble of puppeteers, puppet makers, electronics fetishists and pyrotechnicians who come together for specific projects.

  Customised puppets and parade images
We take commissions to build giant puppets or parade images designed either for a single event (e.g. paper lantern or papier mache technique) or more durable designs to have ongoing use in a community. These can be constructed at our Adelaide workshop or as part of a project in your community

The Android Sisters The Android Sisters are 2.5 to 3.5 metres high, based on an articulated stilt design which allows the puppeteer stability and flexibility. Each puppet is also equipped with over 100 lights, L.E.D. panel, light chasing circuits and a battery pack. Each Sister is operated by a puppeteer inside the puppet, which looks and behaves like a giant silver humanoid.

Since their creation, The Android Sisters have performed all over Australia and in 13 countires at festivals, corporate launches, exhibition openings, street parades and shows. Total audience to date is estimated at over 500,000 people.

The Burning Man
The Burning Man (and his dog Rusty) are unique combinations of pyrotechnics and puppetry. A steel framed figure 3.5 metres tall, Bernie has fully articulated arms and legs. This spectacular puppet is set alight and can move, fully ablaze for approximately 8 minutes. The PYROPUPPETS are ideal for opening or closing ceremonies in outdoor venues. The Burning Man (Bernie) will enter ablaze from the darker edges of a park or alley. He can be used as a spectacular introduction to an opening or closing programme, either working alone, or as part of a larger scenario.

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