TOOOO MUCH ART IS OUT OF REACH, HANDS OFF! LOOK BUT DON'T TOUCH! The Sky Sculptures are out of reach but you can still play with them !

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Suspended high in the air and operated by the public by a soft pull cord, the Sky Sculptures are an imaginative world of changing images, a 'Hands on Public Plaything'.  Children will play for hours.  Teenagers go "OH WOW!" and join in.  Adults are fascinated by the geometry, variety of shape and beautiful movement
The same sculptures that people explore and play with, can also be the set, costumes and props for a number of performance options.  Floating down to engulf the performers or floating serenely as part of the setting, continually mutating to create the most fantastic scenescapes.  Other parts of the setting become puppet creatures and costumes.
There is A DAY Performance for children &  A NIGHT Performance suitable for families or adults.  Day or Night, it captivates audiences of all ages... 

Made from today's High Tech Materials, the InterActive Aerial Sculptures are exceptionally strong and incredibly light weight.  Although the largest is over 3 mtrs in diameter, they pack away into small easily transported pieces that can be carried as accompanied luggage.  The installation will fit into a Mini-Bus - Very tourable - freight costs are minimal.

SUIT: Festivals - Corporate - Indoor - OutDoor - Big Spaces

At Day At Night   Synopsis & general description of full production.

InDoor - Out Door  Min area approx - 20 x 20 mtr  Max area approx - 60 x 60 mtr

There is a setting of 10 - 15  suspended InterActive Sky Sculptures which the public can access via soft pull cords.  The same setting is also used for a number of performance options.
Before, between and after performances, it is available for the public to explore and play with.  In an outdoor venue, the sculptures remain in place, to react with the elements.   Under extremely windy conditions, they might become un-operational, in these circumstances, they can be left in place, to play with the wind.

DAY Performance - 45 minutes - 'Caterpillars Can Fly'  Sky Sculptures are lowered down to provide the set, props and costumes for a modern pantomime based on the life cycle of a butterfly, explained through the use of surreal puppetry, humour, fantasy, dance and song.   All ages!

NIGHT Performance - 1Hour + - 'A shadow fell over the light of my dreams'  This also involves the use of Sky Sculptures as setting, props and costuming. It is a work in continual process exploring the same theme as the day performance, I.e., Birth Life Growth Death and Change.  It is an adult oriented performance, still within childrens understanding.

WorkShops:  Tailored to suit each project - Practical workshops aim at integrating participants into performances.  Movement/Puppetry(animation)

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