Fire Spectacular's professional and dynamic fire performers will astound you with their amazing Fire Spectacular stage shows, meet and greet and roving performances.

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Fire Spectacular Stage Show

A highly skilled choreographed performance including fire twirling routines, fire juggling, fire fans, fire pois, powerful dance lifts, amazing fire breathing and incredible flaming hula hoop finale!

Stage shows can be from 2-6 performers and 5mins to 30mins long and themed to suit your event in African, Carnivale, Cabaret, Islander or catered to your individual needs. Performed to choreographed fire music and can also be accompanied by fantastic fire drummers.

Roving Performances

Picture fire dancers with fire fans and twirling pois moving through the crowd with stunning fire breathing and juggling in the background to create a subtle yet spectacular atmosphere. These performances can be used to welcome guests or continue to create ambience throughout the entire evening.

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