Black light and fire performances, fire eaters, fire breathers, and tribal fire and go-go dancers.

Vancouver, OTH, Canada

Hire Luxotica to add a touch of the exotic or the extreme to your special event or corporate event. Our live entertainment will WOW your guests. We are available to perform fire performances and blacklight shows. We have both male and female fire eaters, fire breathers, fire poi dancers, fire hula hoop spinners,... the fire circus is in town!

Luxotica live entertainment will add that special spark to any special event, including:

  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Corporate Event Entertainment
  • Bachelor Parties & Bachelorette Parties
  • Stag Parties & Stagettes
  • Adult Events or full family venues
  • Or even a private show to surprise the one you love!

Hire individual fire performers, a fire dancer duo, or our complete fire performance troupe.

Contact us with your specific requirements and we will provide a tailored performance kit which includes rates (including travel costs), performance options, fire artists' bios, and more details.

Luxotica has been involved with a wide variety of fire performances, shows, workshops and fire art installations.

Performance History


  • Big Kahuna Hawaiian Theme Party, Black Light Dancing and Fire Poi Show @ Code Blue, Squamish BC
  • Mardi Gras, Black Light Flag Show and Fire Poi Dancing @ The Standard Bar, New Westminster BC
  • Trinity Romance "James Bondage" Tsunami Relief, Contact Fire Dominatrix Show & Fire Poi Dancing @ Code Blue, Squamish BC
  • Light Water Drums Festival @ the Pacific National Exhibition Park, Vancouver BC


  • Parade of Lost Souls w/ Radiant Heat performers
  • Burning Man Festival w/ Radiant Heat performers on Fire Poi & Rope Poi
  • Illuminares Festival w/ Radiant Heat ~ Fire Art Installation Setup & Fire Tech
  • Melting Point Gallery w/ Luxotica Presents ~ Degenerate Art Opening Night Performance
  • How To Build Your Own Workshops (Poi, Staff & Hoops)
  • Vancouver Community Spin Jams ~ Active Participant / Safety Workshops
  • Private After Party ~ Entertainment Producer, Blacklight performance and body-painted nude models
  • Recompression 4 w/Luxotica Presents the Flaming Daisies
  • Burning Man Vancouver ~ Fire Art Installation & Performance
  • Fire & Sky Performance ~ Executive Producer Firebelly Productions ~ Fire Safety Management


  • North Vancouver Lantern Festival ~ Fire Performer
  • Illuminares Festival w/Wet Rock City Fire Flies ~ Drummer & Props
  • Burning Man Festival ~ Firespinner in Fire Conclave "Under the Man"
  • Burning Man Festival ~ Wet Rock City Fire Flies ~ Fundraiser/Firespinner
  • Burning Man Festival ~ Beyond the Flame ~ Theme Camp Organizer

2002 and before

  • 2002 ~ Name Game Ultimate Tournament ~ Fire Performance
  • 2001 ~ Burning Man Festival ~ Xara's ~ Theme Camp Participant
  • 2000 ~ Burning Man Festival ~ Camp Texture ~ Theme Camp Organizer
  • 1999 ~ Burning Man Festival ~ The Roach Motel ~ Theme Camp Organizer
  • 1998 ~ Burning Man Festival ~ Luxotica ~ Theme Camp Organizer

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