Private Fire Twirling Performer for parties, weddings and business functions. Celebrate in style with a fire twirling show by SPUN. 7 years experience.

Brisbane, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

SPUN specialises in fire twirling shows for parties, weddings and corporate events in south-east Queensland. SPUN combines the art of fire twirling with a musical soundtrack to entertain and inspire audiences.

Fire twirling is an art that people of all ages and walks of life can appreciate. Fire has a natural ability to capture attention and bring about a sense of awe and wonder. Fire can also hypnotise and amaze.

A fire twirling show is a fantastic way to celebrate a wedding, party or any other event. It is an excellent way of creating beautiful memories for yourself and your guests. SPUN's fire shows range from 10 to 30 minutes in length; and include a combination of fire juggling, fire poi, contact staff and double staff.

Book now.. and relax knowing that you've chosen a highly experienced and fully-insured fire performer to entertain and inspire you and your guests on your special night.

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