Earth Bar lead by Master flair & cocktail bartender Joel Scholtens Lindsay can mix up cocktails for your party as well as providing a dynamite flair bartending show

St Clair, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Earth Bar lead by Master flair & cocktail bartender Joel Scholtens Lindsay can mix up cocktails for your party as well as providing a dynamite flair bartending show. Joel Lindsay is one of the world’s most popular flair bartenders having worked on 3 continents. If you’re looking for a special cocktail party, where the bar doesn't just make drinks but is a joy to visit, then Earth Bar can help.
The highlight of our cocktail parties is our 7 minute explosive extreme flair bartending show; we will make around 6 cocktails whilst pulling off a series of miraculous tricks & finishing with high speed flair blindfolded to bring the house down. On top of the show you will also enjoy deluxe cocktails for the rest of the evening & more flair.

 Cocktail Experience Party

Cocktail Experience is a journey through the realm of the cocktail. This is a new concept developed by Earth Bars Cocktail creative genius Joel Scholtens Lindsay. Earth Bar will take you on a journey of taste.

At an Earth Bar Cocktail Experience Party you will never drink the same cocktail twice as our master bartenders take you on a taste adventure through the realm of flavour.
You will get to try a range of classic cocktails, modern trendy cocktails, fruity cocktails, creamy cocktails & culinary cocktails.
A cocktail experience party also comes with a dynamic flair bartending shows to provide extra entertainment for your special event.
Cocktail Experience is perfect for anybody who is really looking to impress & the person who wants more than just a cocktail party or event, it is for the person that wants an experience.

Flair Bartending Double Act Show

Earth Bar can now offer a new unique flair bartending show experience, not one but two flair bartenders putting on all their big moves together & individually in one dynamic show guaranteed to make jaws drop.
Earth Bars double act will feature legendary Australian flair cocktail bartender Joel Scholtens Lindsay & English flair bartending sensation Darren Frost considered to be Birmingham England greatest ever bartender.
About Joel 
In early 2005 Joel Lindsay launched Earth Bar Consultancy & Services with clients including Think Spirits, Mondo Bartender & Van Goth Vodkas.
Joel has flair bartended in many different countries in 2004 along with some huge flair bartending events for Mondo Bartender & London bar services. In 2004 Joel traveled around Malaysia for 6 weeks on the Martell Cognac Art of Flair tour, doing 3 explosive flair bartending shows a night as well as training the local bartenders in the art of flair bartending & creating a Martell cocktail list.
Joel is also has an extensive bartending competition record excelling both in cocktail & flair bartending competitions, having competed in 20 Roadhouse events which held in London is considered the toughest flair bartending league in the world, 14th 2003 Roadhouse UK Flair Bartending League, 2nd Roadhouse Tandem Flair bartending International, 2 Roadhouse man of the match awards, 4th Best Bloody Competition London, 3rd 2003 Italian Flair Bartending challenge, 2nd Southern Comfort Flair International Birmingham UK, 2nd Northern lights Flair Challenge Leeds, 2nd 1999 Suntory Cup Sydney, 4th 2000 Bartender Olympics Sydney, 3rd 2000 Australian Flair Bartending Championships, 2nd North Queensland Cocktail competition, 2nd North Queensland Flair Bartending Competition, 2nd 1997 NSW cocktail of Year, 5th 1997 Suntory Cup, 4th 1996 NSW Cocktail of Year.
Joel’s has also worked in series of hot bars incl

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