Elvis In Oz Tribute Show, Relive the Kings Music and make your event the one to remember.

Victoria, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Al Morgan is a passionate Elvis fan who has admired the man and his music throughout his life, “I was only six years old when I first heard him sing and from that moment on it became a life time thing”. Al started performing Elvis music at functions and parties in the mid 70's . Al is a charismatic performer who will make your event the one to remember.

 Al had retired in the late 70's as the music had altered it’s course and there was very little request for Elvis shows, but he never stopped singing Elvis songs. After many years Al got re-inspired in 2007 by his long time friend, an internationally acclaimed entertainer Mr. Tony Pantano, Al made a comeback and never looked back.

Al is available and can cater for any function from a small private event to a world class corporate show. Presented with professionally tailored costumes to give you a true reflection of the King himself.

Al can perform with professionally recorded backing tracks or a full band with professional lighting show. Al’s shows can include anything from early Elvis to 68 comeback TV special and Vegas era.

The packages can vary from a 30 minute performance to any or all of the era’s as above. Al will travel anywhere so don’t hold back if you are not in Melbourne.

If you are a hard core Elvis fan Al will not disappoint. Al Morgan is Elvis In Oz.

Packages: Elvis Presence SOLO
A 30 minute, (10 - 12songs approx.) performance with professionally recorded backing tracks. With either sound system provided or your own sound in a costume of your choice.

Elvis Movie Memories SOLO
30 minute, (10 - 12 songs approx.) performance with professionally recorded backing tracks. With either sound system provided or your own sound. Soundtracks from the movies, costumed in a speedway outfit as per Elvis movie Speedway or a country and western look as in the movie Loving You.

Elvis Performance SOLO
Two 45 minute shows with backing tracks consisting of Elvis 68′ Comeback Special(black leather outfit) and a Vegas Performance(jumpsuit era).

Elvis Story SOLO
Elvis story will take you through Elvis 57 era (gold lame jacket) through to Movies and Elvis 68′ Comeback Special through to Elvis in Vegas. Three 30 minute sessions with backing tracks and sound activated lighting.

Elvis Story Corporate - Band
An all out International Style Production with either a 3piece or up to an
8 piece band, full professionally operated lighting and sound, around 2 hours of performance through the three Elvis era’s. This can be extended for a longer duration. All shows include gifting of scarves to ladies and photo and autograph session following the show.

Show Girls available on request.

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