ARFUR THE JUGGLER is one of Chris’s more zany characters.

Newcastle, NSW, Australia
ARFUR THE JUGGLER is one of Chris’s more zany characters. He performs in true commedia tradition using his juggling and improvisational skills to the full. He is dressed in full court jester regalia and works tremendously well as an ice-breaker or later in the evening to spur the celebrations on! He juggles with balls, clubs, fire torches (venue permitting), cricket bats and machetes. He juggles and rides his high unicycle at the same time and really gets to know the audience by involving them at every opportunity. He has a keen sense of comedy and wit so hecklers are a delight to him. He can also incorporate various details about the celebrators. Whether it be some embarrassing moments from their past or just some idiosyncrasy of their personality that their friends and relatives will recognise. This is not an integral requirement for a successful performance but it can be of great comic value when performing at a private or corporate function where the audience knows each other.

TUPPENCE is Arfur's female couterpart. She is also costumed in a bright red and yellow matching court jester outfit and has massive bosoms built in! We perform partner juggling and magic with an abundance of verbal jousts between the unsuspecting spectators and us. Music can be added. Works well with oodles of colour and movement.

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