International Magician Tony Laffan is part of the most secretive profession in the world and one of Australia's most respected magical performers having been voted twice 'Entertainer of the Year', five times 'Sight of the Year' and 'International Illusion

Sydney, NSW, Australia

International Magician Tony Laffan

International Magician Tony Laffan is part of the most secretive profession in the world and one of Australia's most respected magical performers having been voted twice 'Entertainer of the Year', five times 'Sight of the Year' and 'International Illusionist of the Year'.

"INTERNATIONAL ILLUSIONIST TONY LAFFAN" is one of the hottest performers on the Australian entertainment scene. In January 2004, Tony completed a four-year run of his critically acclaimed illusion show in Sydney Australia, and is once again freelancing, working within the Corporate Industry - from Close-up Magic, to his Comedy Magic Show, and his Illusion Show.

His contract in Sydney commenced in 1999, and had been appearing seven days a week in the successful production "Spellbinding Sorcery Illusion Spectacular".

Already an Australian success story and the countries' premier illusionist, Tony previously performed abroad through Europe during 1998 and 1999 and also within Asia in 1998.

This international entertainer returned from his European tour to star in his new show "Millennium Magic" in the Southern Hemisphere's largest theme park Wonderland Sydney. Originally booked for the September/October '99 Australian holiday season and due to the popularity of the show, the original contract was extended through to 2004. After 2500 shows, and attracting thousands of guests each year Tony Laffan with his assistant Kasey-Laura, are back performing on the entertainment market.

The magical sensation "Spellbinding Sorcery" was conceived, produced, and directed by Tony and his wife Juleen who run Pegasus Productions, specifically for Wonderland, with the creation of new costumes, music, illusions and the addition of a cast of dancers to his polished routines.

One of the career highlights for Tony Laffan performing abroad, was working on the beautiful Canary Islands, Spain, for a six-month season at 'Casino Palace', one of Europe's top six venues. Before travelling overseas, this contemporary magician presented his show over 1800 times at the Australian theme park 'Dreamworld'. Juleen has since retired from performing to start a family after having worked together for the past twelve years onstage. As the best magical duo in Australia, Tony and Juleen were also the featured act in the "Holiday Magic" Promotion in 1993, incorporating their illusions with three major dangerous escapes.

They starred in another of Dreamworld's major Holiday Promotions, the "Illusion and Dance Spectacular starring Tony and Juleen" in January 1997, enthralling international audiences of thirty three thousand people for the session.

"INTERNATIONAL ILLUSIONISTS TONY AND JULEEN" were special guest artists in 1996, in the review show "Mardi Gras Magic" at Brentleigh Theatre Restaurant for twelve months during the evening whilst also appearing at Dreamworld by day. This gave them a performance schedule of seven days a week, running two separate illusion shows simultaneously.
As well as being the official understudy for the Conrad Jupiter's Casino Show "Mystique" 1996 to 1997, in his own right, he is a true innovator of modern magic. With more then fifteen years experience, "INTERNATIONAL ILLUSIONIST TONY LAFFAN" has performed countless shows specialising in the Corporate and Convention market for hundreds of Company Galas. Imagine a mini bus full of passengers materialising from thin air, or even two cars simultaneously appearing on stage. This magical performer has done both. To say nothing of producing Santa Claus for a 1993 Christmas Television Special in front of a live audience of 15 000 people!
His experiences are diverse in the entertainment industry having become a television personality after working as resident magician on the national Logie award-winning children's TV show "Cartoon Connection" in 1996 and '97.
This award winning illusion artist "TONY LAFFAN" shares a special chemistry between himself and his audience. His passion for his craft and his love for entertaining is bringing his own unique experience to the world of conjuring.
When people ask him if what they have just seen was real, he simply quotes Shakespeare,
"Believe then if you please that I can do strange things..."
Close Up Magic
I would like to thank you for the magic show you undertook at our annual cocktail party. A large number of our clients have contacted us since the party, indicating they were most impressed with your act and that it was quite different from anything that they had seen before."
- Chris D. Hart, Director, Noble Lowndes, Sydney
'THE MAGIC OF TONY LAFFAN' is already an Australian success story and the countries' premier stage illusionist, presenting his incredible illusion show both here in Australia and abroad through Europe and Asia.
Tony is also a master in the art of Close-Up Magic and just as comfortable entertaining amongst guests as he his on stage. He performs the age old art of conjuring, theatrical pick pocketing and skilful sleight of hand that always astonishes people who are a mere arms lengths away. His magic contains a wealth of interaction and humour leaving audiences totally entertained.
This multi award winning magician's repertoire is an endless combination of various effects vanishing and reappearing borrowed items of jewellery, stealing watches right off the wrists of the unwary, changing $20 notes into $100 notes. He can even produce your very own customized card trick involving the relevant company's name or slogan on request.
Close-Up Magic can be presented under any condition, day or night. During cocktail functions, pre dinner drinks, weddings, social or business functions where people are standing or seated at tables, Tony moves amongst the people as a roving entertainer. Close-Up magic is an excellent way to create a relaxed atmosphere at functions amongst guests and clients.
As a vibrant, contemporary magician, Tony's reputation for being one of Australia's finest magicians is spreading, and nothing succeeds like reputation. As affirmation of this, Hotel Conrad Jupiter's Casino on Queensland's Gold Coast, booked him exclusively for five years consecutively to perform Close-Up Magic on New Years Eve at the Charters Towers Restaurant. He has performed for many corporate and private clients over the past 15 years as a professional magician always entertaining his audiences with his warm personality.
Tony Laffan's warm personality along with his funny take on magic, with his one-liners and audience involvement on stage makes for a great night of laughter as well as amazement.  
 Imagine an eight foot French Guillotine with a spectators head locked in with his wife in control of the lever, the expression on your friends face as they watch their $100 note going up in flames only to be found in a tin of baked beans covered in tomato sauce.
 Tony does this and more with his playful handling of spectators leaving audiences in stitches and at ease without fear of embarrassment whilst stilling having a great time.
 "...Tony is a very personable man with an infectious sense of humour. His affable personality and immaculate presentation compliment his professional expertise. It is obvious that Tony takes great pride in his work and truly enjoys being with and entertaining people...."
- Mr. Walter Knight, Maitre D' Hotel, Conrad Jupiters Casino.
"Wonderland Sydney is thrilled to have this extraordinary illusionist perform at our world renowned theme park. Nowhere else in Australia will you find such an enchanting live performance combining the brilliant style of an international illusion show, the high energy of a rock concert and the glamour and colour of a Las Vegas Extravaganza". - Stephen Galbraith, CEO, Wonderland Sydney.
Tony Laffan's illusion show 'Spellbinding Sorcery' is every part a 'Las Vegas Style Production'. His illusions are more sophisticated than traditional magic, incorporating fun and showmanship in a fast paced, action packed, magical journey with his audiences! Combine this with the talent of his beautiful assistant Kasey-Laura, the excitement of his sharp dancers, great sound tracks, contemporary costumes and explosive routines, you are witnessing the magic and illusions of Tony Laffan.
Introducing the one spectacle that generates huge publicity, enthralls and captivates entire audiences stimulating emotions of fear, anxiety and suspense.
Presenting "Escapology" performed by 'ESCAPE ARTIST TONY LAFFAN.'

His list of successful death defying escapes includes some of those performed by the great Harry Houdini. The harrowing "Houdini Water Torture Cell", the "Houdini Milk Can Escape" and the "Aerial Straight Jacket Escape" suspended one hundred and twenty feet in the air by his ankles alone!
The escape artist is the King of magicians. He is the only performer in magic bestowed the title of "Artist". Tony is bringing the art of escapology to modern day audiences in the true tradition of entertainment.

Tony has performed possibly Australia's greatest escape challenge. Chained to the tracks of a Rollercoaster, he had a mere 95 seconds to break free before the carriages crashed into him. It's folklore now, but Tony escaped with just seconds to spare making national headlines.
“The Eastwood Hotel was a-buzz with activity, guests were entertained with up-close and personal magic by the very talented and very funny Tony Laffan. Guests were laughing and amazed by all the magic, it was fun for all ages. The magic created and an electric atmosphere amongst the hotel” Natalie Moutia, Group Marketing Manager, The Eastwood Hotel..

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