As seen on Australia's Got Talent, With over 20 years of experience, Raymond Crowe is one of Australia's finest and most sought after entertainers.

Adelaide, SA, Australia



 “Physical and vocal illusions that balance

magic with homespun wisdom, whimsy and humanity”

With over 20 years of experience, Raymond Crowe is one of Australia's finest and most sought after entertainers. In every one of his thrilling shows, Raymond delivers an intricately woven tapestry of magical artistry, cheeky humour, participatory comedy and fun.
Raymond Crowe is described as one of Australia's leading contemporary magicians. His innovative, fresh approach delights audiences both intimate and grand.

With his warm sense of humour, contemporary approach and highly skilled traditional techniques, Raymond Crowe invites us to impart on a journey that transcends belief in his Cabaret Show.

The popularity of Ray Crowe amongst his peers and audience is such that he was invited to become the first-ever Australian Magician to be on the now famous NBC TV special - 'Worlds Greatest Magic'. This 4th annual TV special was filmed before a live audience at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and includes what are considered to be the 20 greatest magicians in the world! The show was viewed by over 20 million people worldwide.

Ray Crowe was also a featured act for the toughest audience in the world - Ray received a standing ovation from 3000 magicians at the World Magic Convention 2003.

In his live show we see Raymond and his self-inflicted magic sprinkled with witty, charming comedy, fun audience interaction, participation and a sleigh of hand manouvers that have to be seen to be believed.

The show is a collage of Ray's most sought-after sketches that have amazed audiences both grand and intimate throughout the world.

Ray's unique brand of entertainment includes a fine understanding of the art of ventriloqism, which when tempered with Ray's gentle, good nature lets his 'volunteers' become the stars of the show.

The show would not be complete without what has now become his signature farewell piece - 'The Shadows'. It is one of Ray's most outstanding works and often literally has the audience laughing in tears.

Corporate entertainment taken to a new level: experience the unique world of Raymond Crowe

Not many people have moved Queen Elizabeth II to get out of her seat and give a standing ovation – but entertainer Raymond Crowe has. Raymond has earned a worldwide following for his unique work as an ‘Unusualist’ and delivers a dazzling combination of comedy, shadow art and magic. He is remembered long after his act finishes for his ability to take traditional variety skills and give them a modern edge with a hint of irony.

He is without doubt one of Australia’s most valuable exports and is highly sought after for his ability to move people from all ages and walks of life. When Raymond’s hand shadow work to the tune of Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World found its way onto YouTube, it attracted millions of hits and earned Raymond an instant global fan base. This led to headline acts in Las Vegas and appearances on talk and variety television programs around the world, including the David Letterman Show and the Royal Variety Performance.

In the biggest compliment of all, after watching this infamous routine the song’s co-author George David Weiss sent Raymond the sheet music with ahand-written note addressed to ‘the world’s mostwonderful puppeteer’.Raymond also had the honour of being chosen by hispeers as the only Australian on the list of the world’sTop 20 Magicians and continues to leave audiencesaround the world gasping in wonder at his artistry anddeeply creative mind. He’s received accolades from UScomedian and actor Steve Martin, and closer to homeAustralia’s renowned musical quiz show Spicks &Specks recently chose him as the show’s best ‘End ofprogram’ entertainment of all time.

Raymond also learned this year that imitation is thesincerest form of flattery when his famous routine was

copied by a contestant on Thailand’s Got Talent. Thisattracted national media attention in Australia, with

Today Tonight running a story on Raymond’s reaction.

2011 has seen Raymond’s star continue to rise,with performances already clocked up inRome, Athens, Fiji, Singapore, the US andNew Zealand. Over the past few monthsRaymond has taken his show to countryVictoria and far North Queensland,finishing up in Mackay as part of the2011 Mackay Festival.

He recentlycompleted a South AustralianCountry Theatre Tour, delightedaudiences at Jupiter’s Casino

Gold Coast and performed athigh profile corporate functionsin Perth, the Sunshine Coast,Melbourne and the Blue Mountains– all in one week!

Why Raymond Crowe’sact is so popular forcorporate events:

Hisperformance provokes a variety ofemotions. Raymond’s act translates extremelywell to  corporate functions due to his abilityto reach people on a number of levels through hischeeky but subtle humour, ability to tug at people’sheartstrings, gentle audience participation and the unadulterated fun he delivers.

Hetakes his audience on a journey. Raymondhas proven time after time his ability totransport the audience away from the worldof deadlines and targets and leave them energized,uplifted, and often deeply moved.

Hisshow works equally well for small orlarge audiences. Raymond is as comfortableperforming for intimate gatherings as he is infront of thousands of people and can tailor his showto be 10 minutes or up to an hour in length. Hissignature piece “The Shadows” can be performedanywhere from a small room to the side of askyscraper (see this being done here).

When Raymond borrows a sports jacket from anaudience member and brings it incredibly to life,shocked gasps are always heard regardless of theaudience size.Raymond is able to tailor his performance to suitproduct launches, award ceremonies, gala nightentertainment or corporate team building exercises.

Theopportunity to offer access to a world classact. What better way to show employees theyare valued than incorporating an entertainerwho is known as one of the very best specialty acts from around the world?

Nocomplicated AV requirements. Raymond’s set up needs are extremely simple which takes the pressure off behind the scenes. 

RAYMOND CROWE“Physical and vocal illusions that balancemagic with homespun wisdom, whimsy and humanity”   SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

Corporate entertainment taken to a new level:experience the unique world of Raymond Crowe

Physical and vocal illusionsthat balance magic withhomespun wisdom. Whimsyand humanity.” Sydney Morning Herald

“Raymond Crowe is a realtalent. I’m not used to that- I work in television.” Shaun Micallef

“Thanks Raymond- that was just wonderful.” David Letterman

“The Royal Variety prides it’sself on finding the very best andup to date specialty acts– such as Raymond Crowe.”  The Royal Variety Performance UK

“He is our favorite Unusualist”  Adam Hills - Spicks & Specks

“I love your stuff.”  Steve Martin

“What a refreshing entertainer.After a long day of powerpointpresentations and variousbusiness speakers, Ray gaveeveryone the opportunity tolaugh out loud. His work withthe audience was fantastic –fun, clean and so entertaining.The shadow puppetry at the end was absolutely mind-blowing.Put simply, Ray was awesome. ”  Sensis


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