A fun night of dress-ups, acting and sleuthing.

Gold Coast, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Engage in an evening of MYSTERY, INTRIGUE, DECEPTION and MURDER!

Murder Mystery Events are perfect for:
Corporate Team Events
Staff Incentives/Awards Nights
 Private Parties - 
Murder Mysteries are

Totally interactive
3 hours of Interactive Entertainment
Hosted by one or more Professional Fully Costumed Entertainers


  • Murder Mansion
  • The Tracey Gang 1920's gangster theme
  • Hollywood Scandal
  • Carribbean Cruise
  • And more...

What products and services do you provide?
Organisation and purchase of your Murder Mystery Kit
Hosting by professional event entertainers

How does a Murder Mystery Party work?

A Murder Mystery Party is a fabulous excuse to get dressed up with your friends or colleagues and play detective for a night.
Once you have decided on your Party Theme a kit is purchased that includes all the elements that are required to run your party. These include invitations, props, clues etc.
A Murder Mystery Party is usually runs for approximately 2-3 hours over the course of a 2 or 3 course meal.
The invitations will instruct your guests that they are to arrive in costume.
As your guests arrive you host will take over the running of the party, making sure that everybody understands what is going on and how to participate.
The rest of the evening will then unravel itself through the guidance of your host/s.
When can I use a Murder Mystery Party?
  • Corporate Team Events
  • Dinner Parties
  • Bucks/Hens Nights
  • Birthday Parties
  • Fundraisers   
Why are Murder mysteries great for Corporate Team Building ?
Murder Mysteries are a fantastic corporate event idea , as an energizing ice-breaker a unique one-off event or even an interactive conference opener.
Participants are broken into groups to unravel a string of clues provided by your experienced corporate event entertainer.
The hands-on learning from this team event will build and strengthen relationship in your  sales teams, project groups, marketing and customer support groups, all who are confounded daily by their own not so Murderous mysteries.
What should I tell my guests?
Each guest receives an invitation explaining that they will be attending a murder mystery and it also provides costume suggestions. You fill in the details and send the invitations out.  No acting is required just mingling and sleuthing.
Can we have food?
Finger food can be served throughout the night...or we can work around a 3 course meal - either works well. We will just need to know the running order of the night so we can plan to work in and around it.
Where should I hold the event?
These exciting events are held in the venue of your choice, from your lounge room to a hired venue & will leave people talking for weeks afterwards!

Try any venue which:

  •  Is completely private i.e.: not a restaurant with other patrons. 
  • Is very quiet i.e. no bands or DJs next door. 
  • Has plenty of room to move around.  
  • You need one central area big enough for all guests at one time.
Can we run the Murder Mystery as a fund raiser?
Absolutely!  Many groups use Murder Mystery Parties as an exciting fundraising alternative.
All you need to do is charge a fee per head that will cover your food and beverage, your kit and hire of your host.
What is the best theme for an all girl’s party or Hen’s Night?
You have two choices:
Our “Hollywood Scandal” theme has genderless characters i.e. characters could either be boys or girls with names like “The Star” and “The Producer”.
Our "Wild West" theme involves a wedding and is great for a Hen’s Night (some guests will be boys but this increases the fun!)
Do we dress up?
I recommend costumes at all Murder Mystery Parties as they encourage people to really let their hair down and have fun.
If you feel like your guests may not want to get fully dressed up ask about supplying a “Dress-up Box” that will include a piece of costuming that your guests can choose from on arrival.
Should I decorate?
Decorations are a great idea to enhance the theme of your Murder Mystery Party.
How long will it last?
Most mysteries run for 2 to 3 hours.
How many guests can I invite?
Murder Mystery Parties can be run for 10 to 200 guests.
What themes are available?
There are many different themes including 1920's gangsters, hollywood, caribbean cruise, wild west and more
So what costs are involved?
The costs involved include:
  • Your Host  
  • Your Murder Mystery Kit  
If your event is on a boat or a train or in an unusual location, expect your host to charge more as it will take more of their time to organise for your event.
What do I do now?
If you would like more information on your Murder Mystery Party contact EntertainOz

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