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Fun, fresh, hip and contemporary tarot reading for corporate and private events

melbourne, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Julia is fast becoming the number one tarot reader in Australia gracing the social calenders of Melbourne and Sydney to read for celebrities, corporate clients,racing events, hens nights, baby showers, film sets and trade fairs. Forget everything you know about tarot readers ; Julia has no weird or ridiculous predictions and no rustic hippy clothes just a fun and contemporary approach to reading drawing on modern day archetypes as well as ancient myths. No ordinairy reader Julia prefers a more realistic, lighthearted and informal approach incorporating the role of host for social events. Unparalleled experience in the corporate world including Sean Conolly's Chef Hat dinner at The Astral Resturant and The High Rollers Room at Star City Casino. Professional, flawless and graceful social interactions guaranteeing a successful and fun filled evening or luncheon. *Burlesque Option ; Due to the increased popularity of Burlesque themed events/hens parties a costumed option is available with a vintage theme (see images) A perfect entertainment option for Spring Racing events that the ladies will love Julia can provide a light hearted fun filled afternoon. With nearly a decade of experience at Randwick and Rosehill Racecourse Julia is now making her debut at Melbourne's sophicated racing calender.

The first person to introduce ‘ walkaround tarot ‘ as a quicker and more lively option to the traditional table consultation. Great fun and really loved by all.

 For details on corporate, hens nights and childrens events please scroll down *NB There is never any 'bad news' given in any readings

How does a corporate evening usually run?

Julia has read for 100's of companies such as Microsoft, BHP, ANZ, Optus, The Hilton, Masterfoods and so on

You can try a different approach and use the 'Group Tarot Table' first introduced by GHD at the Sydney Convention Centre for their VIP room in May 2010. Clients sat down with champagne and canapes and 'played tarot' ; a fun, informal and interactive approach this is a great way for networking and to 'break the ice'. Or you can choose a traditional approach or incorporate both options ;

A small table and two chairs are set up in a quieter part of the room, the table can be dressed with colourful cloths and candles (provided by Julia if required). Guests will be immediately interested and often an informal waiting list will be arranged. Readings will be about 5-10 minutes each.

 Later in the evening Julia will mingle with guests with a less formal approach as she introduces tarot as a fun and interactive game with a different deck. You will find that even the most sceptical person will be amused as this is a light hearted and very funny game that always lends itself to laughter (if not hysteria!) You will find this kind of interactive tarot very valuable for friendship and team building that even 'blokes' will enjoy! Tried and tested time and time again this approach to tarot reading can be very profound and will stay with many people as a powerful, incredible and joyous experience.

 'Thankyou for showing me tarot could be so much fun! ‘ BHP CEO

How does a Hens night usually run?

Hens nights are always fun and lively and a favourite of Julia's! Depending on where the event is held a quiet spot in the house/function room/ resturant is set up and girls get readings of about 10 minutes each. Afterwards group readings are done with a different deck, this is a lighter approach and girls (and often Julia herself!) always end up laughing as the night takes off and stories are told! Browse pic to see hens parties!

FAQ's 'I'm not sure my guests will approach a tarot table, is this a problem?' Sometimes people are nervous about being the first one but Julia will always approach a group of people and chat for a minute or so to assure them she's 'no nutter' and then the first reading will begin. The longest delay in starting would be 5 minutes 'I have CEO's as well as a lot of male clients, will they enjoy a tarot experience?' Yes the performance will be more humourous, social and light hearted to cater for this sort clientele "We a have a noisy band playing is that a problem? You will need to find a quiet place in the room/venue. In 15 years of events we have always found a solution 'We will be in a resturant will they cater for Julia?' Most resturants will provide a small table as needed 'Who is Julia and what else has she done?' Julia is not only a tarot reader but an actress with vast experience having been nominated for best actress in a feature film for the AFFF in 2008. She is also a play write and has had her work performed in both Sydney and Singapore to critical acclaim. Julia has also produced events for various festivals and her company even opened 'The Parade Studio' at NIDA. She has also taught drama at Sydney's Scott's College and has travelled the world performing cabaret shows in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. She has lived in London, Stockholm, Berlin and Amsterdam and is currently setting up as business as a photographer.

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