Let Cimone-Louise gently guide you to the answers that you are seeking in every area of your life with a mixture of clairvoyance, intuitive palmistry and oracle cards.

Manly, Sydney, NSW, Australia

My job is to gently remind you of what you already know. I strongly believe you have all the answers already and when you make time to connect with yourself and have this inner stillness, you can access this information too. I do my best to create a loving, safe, supportive environment that you will walk away with peace, power, and choices to move on your path with renewed confidence.

Being in the session, I have the ability to come to the core issue of what has brought you here. I do my best to identify certain patterns or habits that keep occurring. Often these situations are "spiritual crises" which are specifically created so you can master a particular lesson. The human side goes into drama and illusion and chooses to stay stuck. When you truly surrender you will realize there is no problem there is a solution to this and everything.

I'm a natural clairvoyant and will channel information through my senses and use my psychic gift with a mixture of intuitive palmistry & oracle cards. These tools are used towards the end of the reading for clarification. The cards work similar way to the tarot, though have imagery related to Angels to describe the future events surrounding the questions. I find them to be a "softer" energy than the tarot, always very clear and always spot-on to where you are at.

Some clients will ask for psychometry (holding an object and feeling the energy of the person it belongs to and picking up from that vibration) and photo readings. I am very happy to also do that, both optional in a reading.

As a reader I work with integrity to provide you with information and inspirational guidance from the highest and best source that will assist you on your path. I respect your free-will and trust at the end of the day you will listen to your truth and what feels right for you.


"Cimone was a fantastic help to me in seeing the bigger picture along with her guidance and wisdom. I am now at a happier and more peaceful place in my life. I am also amazed by her accuracy in her readings. Cimone was also understanding and very much a sincere lady. I was very moved by her presence." Samantha Murphy, Fernwood Haberfield.

"Cimone was invited into my workplace where she provided a very uplifting experience into the various aspects of my life. She indulged me by giving me peace of mind, and insight into the many possibilities that lie ahead. Cimone is what I needed to understand, where I was at a cross road in my life."
Katie, Fernwood Haberfield

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