Diana provides channelled readings which are designed to facilitate people through their resistances and blind spots and assist them in allowing in the life desires they have already intended for themslves.

Annandale, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Diana brings to each session over ten years of professional training and experience in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, relationship therapy, hypnotherapy and metaphysical healing.

Her unique style involves an ability to merge these powerful modalities and present them from a combined practical and intuitive approach, providing clients with a non-predictive reading which is beneficial for mind, body and soul.  Diana provides channelled readings which are designed to facilitate  people through their resistances and  blind spots and assist them in allowing in the life desires they have already intended for themslves. Her readings are more healing, inspirational and spiritually instructive in nature,  rather than predictive, however, they are also highly intuitive and the information that comes through is 'tailored' for each individual in question. These readings are designed to show people how to create the life they want - for themslves - by identifying and removing the blocks and are perfect when incorporated into a team building environment.
Diana is also a trained energetic healer and psychotherapist / counsellor, utilising hypnotherapy and rebirth therapy among her many modalities. She can therefore adapt and provide services such as in house counselling;  group hypnosis for stress relief, self empowerment, etc; group meditation circles / teaching meditation skills;  interpersonal communication skill building workshops,etc.
Diana facilitates workshops in Meditation and Stress Management , Interpersonal Skills and Communication, Rebirthing, Relationship and  Intimacy.  Diana is warm and compassionate in nature and possesses a high level of personal and professional integrity.
-BA ( Psych) Univ of Syd
-Grad Dip ( Psych / Counselling) J.N.I.
-Dip. Metaphysical Healing  Chiara College of Metaphysics
-Bush Flower Essence Practitioner.  Ian White, Australian Bush Flowers
-Essence of Goddess Practitioner. Nevine Rottinger, Essential Energies
-Graduate :- ' A Course in Miracles '  


• Psychotherapy
• Relationship Therapy
• Hypnotherapy
• Spiritual Healing
• Meditation Techniques
• God/Goddess Essences
• Bush Flower Essences
• Space Clearing
• Karmic Clearing
• Metaphysical Counselling

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