A consultation or workshop with Kathryn will leave you more positive about the opportunities around you, uplifted and confident in your life.

Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Kathryn offers Angel and Psychic readings that help people to gain insight into different aspects of their lives and clarity in relation to what their options are in any given situation and how best they might move forward.  She is available for both corporate and private consultations in her capacity as reader and also as a Reiki Master and Angel Therapy Practitioner, offering treatments and classes in Sydney and abroad.
Kathryn has been researching energy work for many years. She is a qualified social worker, experienced counsellor and successfully introduced the use of Reiki at a London NHS drug treatment centre.
Kathryn has been running courses for a number of years, enabling people to gain confidence when using their intuition. She is passionate about her work and has a great deal of integrity.   Kathryn is passionate about travel and writing. She has travelled extensively around the world visiting South America, Tibet, India and Nepal, USA, and South Africa.
A consultation or workshop with Kathryn will leave you more positive about the opportunities around you, uplifted and confident in your life.
Testimonials About Kathryn
Receiving Reiki from Kathryn is absolute bliss. Her gentleness and caring manner reminds one there is good in the world. Naomi Lewis
Kathryn has given me a helpful session, it was a sensitive and intuitive reading with clarity and honesty. She provided advice and guidance for a long term problem, which has now been resolved I can highly recommend her. Joanne Mc Cullam
A Reiki treatment with Kathryn comes highly recommended. Her gentle manner, intuition and the peaceful atmosphere she creates all add to the calm healing process of the Reiki. I always look forward to my next session with her. Mark Dunglinson

Kathryn's angel reading was uncannily accurate and gave me a lot of key insights that helped me at that stage of my life. Arvind Devalia

I loved Kath’s Angel course she helped me with my visualization techniques, which I find incredibly difficult, and made me feel more comfortable with energy work and working with Angels. I felt very safe and appreciated her calm and thoughtful manner.

Kath was very informative and she taught me techniques to enable me to practice Angel card readings and I learnt the differences between clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience and how they all play a part in an angel intuitive reading.

The activity that most amazed me was Psychometry. This is when you hold an item that belongs to someone else and it reveals in-depth information about the person.

Kath’s course was a beautiful experience and I took it to enhance my own personal self-development.

I would recommend Kath’s course to anyone - Nadine Slater

Sometimes within healings there are moments when you feel that you are in a place of beauty! These special rare moments full of wonder, similar to what a child may experience.

So many times in our lives we search for this beautiful & yet very simple state of mind. Reiki healing with Kathryn helps us to re-connect with this inner knowledge & therefore giving us a deeper understanding in our search to discover who we really are! Peter Bengry

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