Let this real life, modern day witch give a supernatural flair to your next function or event.

Perth, WA, Australia
From an early age I had many spirit friends and was able to predict events for myself and others. I am not exactly sure where my abilities came from but always knew I was different to other kids at school. By the age of 20 I was sitting in circles with mediums and psychics and channeling spirit, I did many past life regressions with another psychic and learned about spirit retrieval and after an episode with a poltergeist, started to do house cleansings too:)

After having my children i needed to be able to work from home and so started to do readings both in person and online. This has grown since i moved back to WA and i find myself now doing hens parties, magical workshops and running a weekly psychic development group.

I use the Tarot as my main method of reading but often find my natural clairvoyance will take over and I spend a lot of time passing messages from clients deceased family. I also use numerology, pyschometry and pendulums when conducting my readings.

I have read at fairs and festivals and am a Mystical parties consultant and as a practising white witch i am also available for personal spellcasting consultations and to give talks and demonstrations on what modern day witches actually do!!!

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