Readings with the runes, tea cups, clairvoyance, and tarot available for parties and events.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

At parties Thomas knows how to entertain while enlightening guests, he is extremely popular with guests who feel naturally drawn to him and keep coming back for more.

Originally from Dublin Ireland, Thomas has had a strong connection with spirit and his sense of intuition since early childhood.  He spent long periods amongst the customs and traditions of true traditional gypsies in Ireland as a young boy growing up in Dublin . Thomas has travelled the world studying a wide variety of spiritual, philosophical, and mediation dicisplines including three years training with Franciscan monks, finally completing his healing, esoteric and channelling training a Maori Medicine Woman. Thomas approaches his clients from a point of acceptance, empowerment, and calm.


"That is just what I needed, thank you!" Pamela, Sydney, Australia

"Wow, you did an amazing job, all 25 people's tea cups read in only 2 hours, and with such accuracy, thanks." Kayla, Armadale, Vic, Aust

"Oh, my god, how did you do that?" Julie

"That is so spot on, I am amazed." Jenny

"Thank you for helping me realize I have permission to be me, I've been set free." Jo, Sydney

"It happened did just as you said it would. Thank you." Sharon, Vic, Aust

"I feel a lot clearer, Thank you Thomas." Shari

"That's amazing! That's exactly what she is like!" Joanne

"How did you know that about me?" Robert

Like his wife Jacquelene, Thomas was also taught to read tea leaves as a child, she was taught by her grandfather, he was taught by his grandmother. Thomas was handed a set of rune stones from his grandmother which he still at times uses in readings today.  Thomas and Jacquelene are available for functions together or separately.

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