Lindi Jane - Ventriloquist/Comic puppetry for children and adults

Melbourne/Adelaide, VIC, Australia

Lindi Jane is Australia’s leading female Ventriloquist/Personality.  She has been performing throughout Australia & Overseas touring and on cruise lines. Lindi Jane has expanded her talents singing, dance, writing, voice-overs to into character comedy has lead Lindi Jane to develop a children's show called 'Snaps Kakadu Club' featuring Snap Crocodious, the cheeky crocodile from Kakadu for stage and recently filmed a TV show to be launched soon!

Family/Children Show: 

Australia's leading female Ventriloquist, Lindi Jane presents, Snap's Kakadu
Club, the family show, featuring Snap Crocodilous the cheeky crocodile from Kakadu. 
Snap introduces you to his Kakadu mates, Dazey Wallabee, Fluffi-Feline, Sniffer Dog 
and special guest Billy Kidney for Kidney Health Australia. This performance features 
clever ventriloquism, songs, education themes, feel good & healthy concepts, games, 
dance and comedy. Snap's Kakadu Club is a family show for ages 3 - 100!

Testimonial:  Lindi Jane is a wonderful cross-arts creative artist who tours the world with her self-created puppet team which includes Snap Crocodilous, Sniffer Dog, Dazey Wallabee, Fluffi-Feline, Billy Kidney and Bonza Mate! Lindi Jane’s Puppet show for kids focuses on teaching children important messages such as be kind to each other, excepting everyone is different and being happy and healthy. A great children’s show from Australia! from ‘E-live around town’ by Nadia Khalifeh in Dubai.

Adult Show:
Lindi Jane loves entertaining the grown up’s as well with her adult comedy stand up 
style act ‘Puppet Talk’. Performance can be varied to suit any event and the 
act can be 20 minutes to 50 minutes. Team Building events and carer support days have 
utilized Lindi Jane’s ‘motivational chat’ called ‘One life to Give’ featuring funny 
stories of how Lindi Jane became a Ventriloquist spending time in hospital as a 
young girl due to a congenital heart defect and her grandpa gave her a puppet to 
cheer her up, well it did, she now talks to herself for a living!! 
Lindi Jane travels around Australia and is frequent in Melbourne and Adelaide. 
She is a favourite guest on Peter Goers Radio Program on ABC radio Adelaide 
and more recently on Channel 44Adelaide. 
Lindi Jane has a warm personal approach to her audiences and with her bubbly comical 
nature is sure to be enjoyed! 
Don’t miss out Lindi Jane is one of a kind.



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