These drovers have travelled from the outback to your event on their as yet untamed emus. At any moment the birds may break into a courtship dance, round up any stray sheep (your audience!), or attempt to establish a new pecking order.

Sydney, , Sydney, Canberra, NSW, Australia

Aussie Outback Emus (from Sydney based Circus Solarus) is a comical stiltwalking act offering audience interaction and improvisation. These characters work well in indoor and outdoor settings. Great costumes, great characters, great fun. Our engaging characters and professional performers will always be welcome at events.

Circus Solarus is also a not-for-profit social enterprise and 2009 finalist in the Western Sydney Suncorp Business Awards, so if you are looking to do good with your event dollars, we also tick those social procurement boxes with all our profits going towards arts and cultural development projects.

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