Bric-a-Brac presents a vibrant and colourful tribute to French music

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Bric-a-Brac presents a vibrant and colourful tribute to French music. The songs are arranged to give new character to old favourites. The repertoire includes Parisian folklore as well as Louisiana, Quebec, Brittany and Cajun music. The melodies and improvisations of the gypsy violin compliment Ced's warm and emotional singing, while the washboard and percussion double bass enhance the exciting rhythm character of the group to make the performance a feast of dance, nostalgia and romance..

Ced Le Meledo was born in Paris in 1967 and after xtensive ravels settled in Melbourne in 1988. Ced is a gifted musician and vocalist. His talent and dedication to his craft have made him a highly regarded entertainer and well known ambassador of European culture in Australia. He has performed on national television and his music is broadcasted on Radio National. In 1996 he released his first recording "Paris Melbourne". He has played for Vanetta Fields, Billy Joel, Kate Ceberano, John Farnham, Debra Byrne and Paco Pena.

Hope Csutoros studied classical violin at the Victorian College of Arts and received a scholarship to study at the Budapest Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Hungary. She has extensive recording, composing and performance experience in theatre, f'ilm,, and orchestras and has been a member of the band "My Friend the Chocolate Cake" since its inception in 1990. Her recording credits include Midnight Oil, Deborah Conway and Vicka and Linda Bull.

Charles Woolley received his Bachelor of Music and Drwna at the Victorian College of Arts in 1998. He has since been involved in many projects including Jazz, Klezmer, dance groups and musical theatre. At only twenty years of age he brings to music a dedication and maturity that has already earned him much respect within the Melbourne music scene.

Andrew Jennings performed his first recording session as a drummer in 1975 and has since played professionally in America, Australia and Europe. Among others he has toured with Muddy Waters and B B King. Andrew and Ced met in 1995 and have since developed a close musical partnership.

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