Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Jugularity is an energetic and Funnnn band that adds a splash of colour wherever it plays. Jugularity's appeal lies in its ability to reach a wide audience through a diverse range of musical styles. Folk, blues, jug, country and bush mix. Their versatility also enables them to perform as roving minstrels. Instruments played include fiddle, guitar, double bass, assorted percussion, vocals, blues harp, recorder and kazoo.

Having performed at Moomba, the Melbourne Arts Centre, the Port Fairy Folk Festival and many other venues, they are a must for any functions, openings or festivals that you or your company is putting on. Jugularity is year 2000 compliant. They are a lot of fun, very entertaining and sound great.

A great street theatre troupe that puts music to your ears.

  • Jugularity plays an energetic mix of folk, jazz, blues, lounge, rap and gypsy music in a comedy-cabaret style.

  • Jugularity is versatile - performing in concert, or as roving minstrels (carbon neutral), or calling folk/bush dances or doing kids' shows.

  • Jugularity is available for all manner of functions: festivals, fashion parades, weddings, divorces (half price if they played the wedding), open for inspections, wine tastings and other intimate occasions.

  • Jugularity is Year 2008 compliant and has 100% GST (Good Songs and Tunes)!

  • Jugularity is based (rhythmed and leaded) in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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