Fantastic theatrical entertainers combine beautiful music with sensational costuming, circus and dance- to present a very special genre of live entertainment.

Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Musicians play Clarinet, Piano accordion, violin, percussion. Fabulous interactive and atmospheric, musical roving entertainment. We can theme costuming to suit a wide range of events- French, European, Circus, Arabian, Octoberfest, Gypsy, Masquerade, and non themed black tie or family gatherings

Our theatrical musicians are all multi skilled and can play music whilst walking on stilts or dancing with fire! We also provide live music cabaret shows with all kinds of circus tricks, dance skills and surprises. Ask your agent for more information on this reputable Sydney troupe. We have a wide range of live music acts to suit most any event.

Roving Cabaret. For that extra special something! Let us create for you the atmosphere of a cabaret nightclub, right at your table, sometimes right on your laps! This cast are all skilled roving entertainers taking with us our musical instruments, our feathers and our fire, getting up close and personal, and then bursting into seemingly spontaneous choreographies to all your favourite tunes. This is a very special genre of live entertainment and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Roving routines include burlesque fan dancing, can-cans, tangos, fire eating & fire fakir, belly dancing with veil, sword and candellabra, audience oom-pahpahs and general silliness. Available as duo, trio or quartet on clarinet, violin, percussion and piano accordion.

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