With this act, Modern Primitives present a cultural feast of roving music, dance, fire an rich imagery bound by a strong Middle Eastern influence.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

This wandering caravan can comprise:

  • a sensual belly-dancer  a fearless fire-eater
  • a masked Harlequin
  • + a contorting dancer
  • a merciless machete juggler...
  • and stilt-walking musicians playing Macedonian bagpipes, Turkish darrabukka,
  • Arabic drums and other exotic instruments.

Together they produce enchanting sounds an with breathtaking skills., captivate all who chance upon them.

Suitable for:

specia1 functions + theme parks + festivals parades + shopping centres + promotional events indoor and out!

No. of Performers: 4- 6 with a larger ensemble available as required.



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