Whether it's greeting guests as they arrive, moving them from on room to another, roaming amongst them, performing in unusual spaces (no space too weird!), or performing on stage whilst they dine, Talking Drums will provide a party that will definitely be

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Talking Drums can perform form 20 minutes to 3 hours, playing by themselves and/or with guests or playing live percussion to any CD or DJ's Bring a unique element to your next function.

Talking Drums combines the talents of three musicians with theatrical backgrounds playing a variety of percussive instruments and international styles. African djembe (jem-bay) and talking drums, Turkish darbukas, batacuda in Brazilian sambas, body percussion, junk percussion, marching drums, cow bells, congas and hi-hats are all inter-woven with a unique sense of Australian theatre to create a visually stunning show.

After watching Talking Drums play, any of your guests have the opportunity to become part of a giant percussive ensemble playing along with the professional performers.

Talking Drums is a spectacle of sound, sight and world rhythms. African djembes and talking drums, Turkish darbukas, Batacuda drums in Brazilian sambas, street beats from New Orleans, body percussion, junk, forty-four galloon drums, cow bells, congas and hi-hats are all inter-woven in a uniquely Australian music theatre performance.

Talking Drums takes the audience across the continents on a musical journey, whether it's jamming to the hot samba in a soccer stadium in Rio or celebrating a funeral march in st~ New Orleans funk, or techno dancing to the quirky avante-garde explorations of sound on Melbourne's industrial rubbish.

Meet Professor Tingles from D.I.N.G D.0.N.0 (Drum Institute of North Geelong Department of Noisy Gongs) See The Animal communicate with Jungle Man, Listen to the sacred sound of the butterfly meditation as blown through bottles. Be moved to team by the New Orican funeral procession for fluffy the cat. Not just a music ensemble Talking Drums combines a unique blend of characters and story telling that will leave the audience clapping for more.

5 minutes to 55 minute show indoor Roving Entertainment Percussion Workshops available

4 X 3 Meters Minimum
Bump in/out 30 Minutes No additional technical assistance required

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