For the 16th consecutive year students can see one of the CBCA shortlisted "Younger Reader's Book of the Year" books brought to life on stage as a full stage musical. Book title to be announced April 2014.

Rural and Metro, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane, VIC, Australia

Stage Adaptation of...

Children's Book Council of Australia
2014 Shortlisted Younger Reader's Book of the Year 

Primary: Grade 4 - 8
Duration: 50 minutes + question and answer time
Key Learning Areas: Drama, dance, music, SOSE.
 In the tradition of the popular shows Other Brother, Bungawitta, Duck for a Day & Matty Forever, Tony Bones Entertainment will perform a new short listed younger reader's book for Grade 4 to Year 8.  The book will come to life with original music, song & dance, thrilling drama, puppetry and comedy.
  • Audience encouraged to interact and participate.
  • Clever costume characters.
  • Different dramatic genre covered throughout the show including: puppetry, narrative, music theatre, pantomime, slow motion scene, dance class and game show.
  • Curriculum linked with lesson plans.
Captivate student’s imagination by booking a performance on your day of choice today.
Adapted and directed by Tony Appleby B.Ed for Tony Bones Entertainment.
Music by Tony Appleby, Luke Hunter & Tim Smith

Wattle Park Primary School, Burwood, Vic
"Most enjoyable; great characters; simple and effective props... We all thoroughly enjoyed it - (as we have in the past!).  I viewed both shows today.  They were both fantastic and enjoyed by us all.  Both books brought to life by two very talented presenters!  They were very entertaining - we are already looking forward to next year!  I love that we can hear the author's voice through the characters.  The masks and great use of props (such as rubbish bins) was inspiring in creating our own mini productions.  The follow up discussion added extra insight... We all loved it!"
"I only saw a small part of the performance but stayed longer than I had to because I was enjoying the performance so much.  I was very impressed by the way you set up and packed up and the way you went about your job with little or no assistance.  A very professional approach!
St Michael's Lutheran School, Hahndorf, SA
CMIS Evaluation
Outside Amelia's bedroom door, just within reach if you stand on top of the balustrade hangs the Peacock lamp. The lamp had been there ever since Amelia was a little girl and she believes no-one else knows the secrets the lamp's creator has hidden within the intricate details of the metalwork. Through Mr Vishwanath, the enigmatic yoga teacher who lives downstairs Amelia is introduced to Princess Parvin Kha-Douri who shares Amelia's fascination for the lamp. In solving the mystery of the origin and history of the lamp and its importance in the life of Princess Parvin Kha-Douri Amelia discovers a great deal about herself, her family, and her friends. Amelia Dee and the peacock lamp combines an interesting plot and memorable characters with the opportunity to explore philosophical and ethical questions and ideas. Thoughtful readers will find many topics to discuss and reflect upon. Although the central character is female, the issues explored will interest both boys and girls.
Useful for: philosophy, ethics, creative writing, honesty, individuality.

Target audience - 2008 Primary Fiction EA
Topical Subject - Lamps - Fiction.
Topical Subject - Princes and Princesses - Fiction.
Topical Subject - Yoga - Fiction.
CMIS Topic - 2008 CBCA Notable : Younger Readers
CMIS Topic - Values - Fiction
CMIS Topic - Thinking
Phase of Development - Early Adolescence
Learning Area - English
Outcomes - Contextual Understandings [English]
Outcomes - Reading [English]

Additional Categories:

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