"B" it is a unique, innovative full evening show that blend bubbles with dance, acrobatic, juggling, theater, magic and special effects on a totally new concept.

Riga, OTH, Latvia

You have seen Soap Bubbles...

You have seen Bubble show...

But you have never seen a Bubble show like "B" The Underwater Bubble Show !

... An exciting journey into the world of soap bubbles, introducing the beautiful fantasy world's inhabitants who possess human as well as "aquatic" beings qualities.

The soap bubble and special effects show "B" is a joint project produced and directed by Bubble Performers and Illusionists Enrico & Dace Pezzoli, Italian soap bubble performer Marco Zoppi and Latvian Circus and Dance artists.

Inspired by the famous Canadian troupe "Cirque du Soleil" (and described by the press as "Cirque du soleil meet Giant bubbles" !) the show is rich in various stage effects using the latest laser technologies, snow cannons, soap bubble tornadoes, theatrical fog, magic, gigantic smoke rings, smoke-filled soap bubbles, optical illusions and many other surprises.

"B" is a one hour and half  visual, musical, emotional and lavish show that transport people in an imaginary underwater world with a real feeling of being submersed on the Ocean deep.

The visual effect of the show is further enhanced by the dramatic use of Dance, Juggling, Acrobatic and Magic elements, and by the original music by V.Zilvers, the costumes specially designed by E.Patmalniece and the make-up works made by Latvian bodypainters.

Produced by a company with over 20 years on the entertainment businnes and a vaste experience on venue all around the world, „B” is going to be one of the most exciting show that your audience will ever witness.

There are 2 version of the show, one full evening version of 1h:30min. (theater tour, special event, gala...) and one reduced version of 45min. (Attraction Parks, smaller venue, repeated daily performances), both versions are perfect for any kind of audience, adults and children alike. 

If you want to offer to your clients a new, fresh and original show, do not look forward and book „B” ... !  

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